Super 8 – Interview Ryan Lee, Riley Griffiths

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  1. FillionDollarSmile says:

    Justin Bieber couldnt steal Ryans girlfriend if i was her XD

  2. FillionDollarSmile says:

    “My little heart just Fluttered” He is the most adorable person EVER !!!

  3. FillionDollarSmile says:

    @spottylover25 If not we both need to go to rehab 😛 😛

  4. FillionDollarSmile says:

    Is it just me or is there a Teddy bear doing a Sheep on the Table ?? Or am i just weird… Anyway back on topic… Ryan will you Marry me?

    And also when you flip your hair… it DOES Look good 😉 !!

  5. ilawfryanlee says:

    I totally love Ryan lee. And I don’t mean ro stalk him on twitter. I still have the same username on twitter as YouTube

  6. muckyducky101 says:

    @spottylover25 You would do that! XD

  7. karinanice2u says:

    I LOVE YOU, RYAN LEE!!!!!!

  8. misspaintlover says:

    zero dislikes everything makes sense now 😀

  9. 99alexmc says:

    5:47 Ryan all most said J.B. he must be a real fan. lol

  10. tsluv13 says:

    my little heart just fluttered 🙂

  11. spottylover25 says:

    I watched this interview atleast 40 times………. Is that healthy?

  12. 1Amberlovee says:

    I miss you ryan :)

  13. ilovelife357 says:

    I love you ryan soo much I want to marry you please come to Australia and have an interview with my comedian cousin please oh please oh please!!!!!!! ily

  14. LGinc1 says:

    True that Riley because it’s true that there’s no reason to get your hopes up about a celebrity because it won’t happen but the thing with u is u r a celebrity

  15. chowder1990alek says:

    say this on the radio please tommi reid would lick to kiss ryan lee

  16. ryanleeswifey123 says:

    I have the “RYAN RASH” (:

  17. PotterWeaslyGranger says:

    Ryan’s gonna end up on SNL one day. Riley is so tall he was really great in the movie too(:

  18. 2devmoran says:

    aw ryan

  19. Bubiizdabest says:

    “my little heart just fluttered” HAHAHAH RYAN LOL

  20. keepitup4life says:

    I <3 U RYAN!!! I luv your hair!!!!! i thought they were great in the movie super 8!!! hold my mike! ha! you go girl!! they r sooo funny!!! ryan, 1 of my top 2 actors!!! i hav also seen ryan flip his hair & he looks amazing!!! ryan fever kinda works btw. i also agree with riley on funny tina fey. and ryan's jessica simpson thing is great!! so far this is my FAV FAV FAV interview!!!!!!!! i also luv pranks 2!! so much 2 say!!!

  21. SecretlyyNerdy says:

    I have….Ryan fever….
    I just wish it had a nicer ring to it. ( ;

  22. its123batman says:

    Dear Ryan Lee,
    you are the most amazing actor. By far my favorite! <3

  23. muffinlove1111 says:

    Ryan Lee-dear you look amazing when you flip your hair,and your the reason I got an ipad

  24. KristinaLuvsJBiebz says:

    “Dude, the difference between me & Justin Bieber is when I flick my hair, it does not look good.” -Ryan OH RYAN! <33 xD Every hair flip is hot! hahaha

  25. punkybrooster314 says:

    Do i have bieber fever…..mmmmm….let me think about that……NOOOOO!!!! XP I

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