Super 8 – Exclusive: Joel Courtney, Ryan Lee, Riley Griffiths and Zach Mills Interview

We go one-on-one for some exclusive interview with “Super 8” stars Joel Courtney, Ryan Lee, Riley Griffiths and Zach Mills to talk about working with JJ Abrams, being cast in the film and writing/directing their Zombie film within a film. For more movie trailers, movie reviews, celebrity interviews, full movies, clips and more, go to: www.movieweb.com Connect with other movie fans on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. bunnyface30 says:

    does anyone else realize that at 1:10 Ryan interrupts Joel then Joel sighs and gives Ryan the evil glare

  2. Rudyawesome1 says:

    Loved the movie
    And i love
    Joel courtney
    He is cute

  3. ShickySweet says:

    Awwww ryan siempre tan lindo y divertido AWWW como tu no hay 2 <3 😀 (Awwww ryan always AWWW so cute and funny as you do not there are 2)

  4. Guri9898 says:

    omg Ryan can’t shut up, that’s so cute <3

  5. AdorableCookiex says:

    Um, is it normal for a person who owns this movie to watch all week???

    PS: I love you Joel Courtney! <3333333333333333333333333333333

  6. alymtt says:

    at 0:11 it seems like joel thought it was his time to talk hahah LOVE that movie,

  7. pbcat16 says:

    ryan lee always interferes with everyone’s speech and just won’t shut his flytrap; its getting really annoying -.-

  8. guitarraelectrica says:

    Every time they sit together as a group, it’s Ryan Lee who steals the show!

  9. cuzcatlan36 says:

    the little kid wont shut up!!!!

  10. hannahjayish says:

    hey Ryan you are hilarious great job on the movie!!!!!!!!!!

  11. k0r1n4TLS says:

    I Love you Ryan Lee <3<3<3<3

  12. MelGreenday12 says:

    Ryyyaaan :D <3.

  13. TheCookie8866 says:

    “what was made in 1979?”
    ” the telephone!…” i love ryan <3

  14. marshandomness says:

    DRUGS ARE SO BAD!!!!11!!1

  15. MrPyroguru says:

    5:50 too.

    Here is hoping he realizes what were thinking before everyone ends up hating him. He seems like a nice kid and is very talented. I hate reading comments where people are making fun of his teeth and garbage.

    Anyhow this movie was very awesome like a lost Steven Spielberg classic.

  16. gag0617 says:

    @mmmmmmx3 Me too. Seriously I think I’ve watched this so many times that I can recite the script

  17. gag0617 says:

    6:38-6:42 look at Riley he’s probably thinking “shut up and let me talk!!!”

  18. ScaryLittleRobot says:

    Asadafgdhsgaf where is Gabe?

  19. misspaintlover says:

    ryan lee is the best love him <3

  20. chouki88120 says:

    I love you ryan lee

  21. Rainbowcharms0503 says:

    Ryan is really not the main character of the story and he’s taking the whole interview ! Joel should be talking more because ge is more interesting and hot! Lol

  22. Rainbowcharms0503 says:

    Joel courtney is like my lost lover !

  23. MONEYBAGZ751 says:

    Shut that bitch up!

  24. Meggy0506 says:

    Ryan like… talks too much!
    and joel talks barely!!! when he began to say
    …i like cars…i can like notice cars really well…
    joel courtney!!! XXX <3 XXX

  25. queensugar10 says:

    Ryan lee is sooooo cute x

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