SUBMISSIONS ONLY Sizzle Reel Season 1

Sizzle reel for the webseries, SUBMISSIONS ONLY. “Submissions Only” is a web comedy that follows the characters Penny Reilly and Tim Trull, an actress and casting director respectively, whose friendship evolves against the backdrop of the absurd yet delightful world of auditioning in NYC. Co-creators Kate Wetherhead and Andrew Keenan-Bolger, both Broadway veterans, wrote, filmed and produced Season One between August 2010 and March 2011, using some of the best theater talent New York has to offer. In that time, “Submissions Only” gained an enthusiastic fan base, one that is hungry for a Season Two. Without any real publicity, the show has attracted thousands of viewers, primarily through word of mouth. Guest Stars include: Cady Huffman Michael Rupert Alan Campbell Ann Harada Kristin Chenoweth Chita Rivera Danny Burstein Rebecca Luker Santino Fontana Barrett Foa Rachel Dratch Series Regular Cast: Kate Wetherhead Colin Hanlon Stephen Bienskie Asmeret Ghebremichael Lindsay Nicole Chambers Annaleigh Ashford Anne L. Nathan Max Von Essen Patrick Heusinger
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Lindsay Burton says:

    Courtney Stodden is in the Suggestions box on the right…

  2. PeaceLoveTheatre22 says:

    f erkajterjktj awklejta. I can’t even out into words how much I love this show.

  3. Lauramble says:

    I can’t believe I fell for the Kristen trick twice… you guys need to get season 2 up soon as an apology, because I know my forgiveness means a lot to you

  4. lostinmystereo says:

    I love this! I can’t wait for season 2!!!!

  5. Lizzerd85 says:

    I. Love this show.

  6. albameli13 says:

    Season 2 plz! 😀

  7. marrlina says:

    Love it. Season 2 please!

  8. aurorablue2002 says:

    looking forward to season 2!

  9. ZaraMB15 says:

    Season 2 please :D 😀

  10. minibubblesxox says:

    omg i am SOO ready for season 2!! i can’t wait! is it coming out soon? pretty please say it is!!

  11. wolfsoda says:

    Yes the Kristen tease was just as bad the second time. 😛

  12. clairebear424 says:

    SO excited for season 2… I’ve been missing this!

  13. My2ndnephew says:

    I love this series and was an instant fan from the first!

  14. ROSSofHEARTS says:

    such an awesome series!! cant wait till next season!!!

  15. showersinger34 says:


  16. phantomjeff77 says:

    Yeah season two needs to come! I miss getting super excited every time a new episode was announced!

  17. bornleft11 says:

    I NEED season two!!

  18. webshows101 says:

    Can’t wait till season two!!!!

  19. DisneyGirl161 says:

    *chants* Season 2! Season 2! Season 2! 

  20. Nolan Gillooly says:

    Can’t wait for this to become a TV show!!

  21. kajekj says:

    Nope to short to old. Cracked up so hard.

  22. gypsyroselaura says:

    I’m so ready for SEASON TWO!!!! *hint hint*

  23. hannahgilb says:

    When’s the new season??

  24. caitlynluvsu says:

    I miss having this in my life. :(

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