stormy wellington presents empower network

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  1. PositifBeautee528 says:

    Awesome presentation and Congrats in your new business. Great Success is
    ahead for you my sista. Always inspired by you. God Bless and Big time
    Success to You.

  2. Aisha R Griffin says:

    http://www.TeamLegacyTool.com watch all 4 videos then contact me at 770 318
    3652 to Start!

  3. Liz Napoleon says:

    I listen to this daily ;)

  4. Kenneth Beckford says:

    I want to connect with you from this Youtube video…
    http://www.coachmestormy (add that to the “about” section) 🙂 Thanks and
    You’re welcome! :)

  5. Melodie Washington says:

    I enjoyed your video. You use to be a diamond in Organogold what happened?
    Did you just leave the company what about your team . Did you leave your
    team in the organogold coffee company hanging? If so, what kind of leader
    are you right now in another other company now called empower networking.

  6. Ivan Bunch says:

    real talk stormy hit me up lets build 313-926-0706

  7. Ms. BC says:

    I love this…

  8. Yvose Faith says:

    i love it

  9. Patrich Reid says:

    stormy this what I need to hear thankyou

  10. mommipreneur . says:

    Hello. I have joined underneath you. What should I do next??

  11. Stormy Wellington says:

    check your email all the steps you need to move forward have been sent!!

  12. mommipreneur . says:

    I am intersted. What should I do next? My name is Tasha.

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