STIFORP full review and a WARNING

WARNING: Read This! I have contacted the Stiforp staff for details about the compensation plan. They actually don’t pay us on the Powerline that is created. Which is kind a “scamy” just to make people join. However you get paid over the network you create. So you definately need time to create it. The only thing that keeps me in right now are the tools that really are covering the cost of the membership. Keep you updated in my videos. When I will have the chance to use the marketing tools for Infinity Downline: infinitydownline.com Buttom line. If you can get over the deception of their marketing system, and if you are interested in the tools I spoke in the video, then this program it worth the money. Stiforp link is here. bit.ly In this video: What is STIFORP (“profits” spelled backwards)? How the members area looks like? The Tools you get. The compensation plan attached to STIFORP. Screen-shots with earnings within 24hours time frame. Use STIFORP to promote ANY business opportunity you want and make money while you grow your other business. RECOMMENDED: Infinity Downline business (you hear about it in the video): infinitydownline.com Use Stiforp to promote Infinity Downline

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  1. calvingyim says:

    Dood. I’m in the same kind of business. It’s been three weeks now and I have five people below me. I think you need to be trained. Maybe you could join my team? where do you live?

  2. begraur says:

    Hi. The signup % to this program is quite low.
    I am recommending it for the sake of business tools that are given with it, along with another program I have, where it’s much easier to build a downline.

    I suggest you promote it the same, with another program of your that converts better.
    As business income I use another program where members are NOT required to signup anyone to earn a lot, and also higher payout programs. (PM me for more details, or find me on F acebook)

    Hope it helps 🙂

  3. begraur says:

    I have sent you an email, with more info and another home-biz I am in, that DOES NOT requires you to signup anyone to make money.

  4. begraur says:

    Salut.Stiforp plateste prin cec, Payoneer si Payza.

    Eu am fost platit prin Payza (ex. Alertpay). Sunt OK, trimit banii. DAR trebuie sa inscrii ca sa fii platit. NU te baza pe spillover de la up-line.

    Daca nu ai deja o organizatie care sa se inscrie, si sa foloseasca uneltele de marketing, nu iti recomand sa te inscrii (chiar daca as castiga din asta).

    Daca ma contactezi pe FB la /ForeverOneTeam iti pot da detaliile unui business care nu necesita sa incrii pe nimeni.
    PS scuze de intarziere.

  5. merkator22 says:

    salut Bogban am vrut sa ma inscriu cu Stirpof de anul trecut dar am renuntat cand am aflat ca nu esti platit daca nu ai referali si costul este destul de mare 150$ si nu am inca nevoie de serviciile lor .Poate mai tarziu o sa ma bag si eu daca mai merita si daca am ce sa promovez cu serviciile stirpof. Si plata prin cek nu mi se pare viabila si sigura ptr tara noastra .Ai fost platit pana acum de stirpof si daca da prin ce modalitate ? sunt curios eu am evitat plata prin cekuri PA

  6. Globaleez says:

    i got in about 5 months ago and i have earned Nothing as of current date. I’ve asked for guidance and if I invest more money into a rotator advertising method offered then, maybe my results would be better they claim.
    I send ton’s of traffic to the capture pages/ I’ve loaded various leads (personally) and I have yard signs and flyers out. Still Nothing to report for earning as of yet…in 5 months.
    If someone has any ideas here…please pass it on. Thanks

  7. jesus canapi says:

    very gud my friend- from stiforp melbourne

  8. begraur says:

    Yes, but it takes some marketing efforts to make it work. Thinking to the business portfolio I have now, I would not recommend it to be your primary business. However I have introduced it to my marketing platform, along with 4 other business opportunities. If you want a suggestion send me a message.

  9. begraur says:

    I couldn’t say it better 🙂

  10. meaversand says:

    tell one biz that’s not a pyramid i pay you 2:1 on your bet!
    biggest Pyramid is the gov, banks and insurer
    so be realistic if you say something like this or better use you brain if you have one

  11. WHATTHEFKMAN says:

    meh pyramid bullshit

  12. BPMorais24 says:

    Is this worth it if you don’t have nothing to advertise and just want to make some extra cash in the end of the month?

  13. yassineyas100 says:

    are you selling something or each person that come to your team you will paid for it?
    and how much they paid for each persone?
    do you have to make the participation each month or what??
    contact me plz ananit2011 (aroba) gmail (dot) com

  14. MrRoquelee says:

    Join us soon the new Internet millionaire ciroresultado.stiforp.com

  15. MakeMoneyOnlineMLM says:

    Also checkout a brand new mlm site based on the stiforp MLm model but you only need 512 members to make $2900 per month as opposed to over 8000 members in stiforp to make $2048 per month. visit makemoneyonlinemlmDOTnet

  16. wrangstyle says:

    Excellent teaching!!! I joined and waiting for money

  17. begraur says:

    I did not advertised it yet properly. I will add it to my resource training site though. But I invested last month around 7$ in PPV advertising and out of 13 people taking the tour, 1 upgraded. So I got paid $25 yesterday in my Alertpay, and another $4/month from the team (that “power flower mob” that joined from all over the world) What I can say is that the tools worth big time, just don’t expect to get rich over night with it. I will keep you updated. (if you subscribe)

  18. shooterboyadi says:

    so how much $ u made ?

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