Step By Step Guide To YouTube PPC Advertising


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  1. rBxsHaDy says:

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  2. RennellReedOfficial says:

    Nice vidoe but I’d rather appear in the organic sarch resalts. Katie it sounds like more of a money wastiong or just going your money away to google. You said it is profitable…Nah, its just the opposite.

  3. sohitamahatpande says:

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  4. nigel2k10 says:


  5. jonteesoy says:

    Thank you very much!! this is very helpful to me to understand what ppc is. Thank you I hope you will have a video on a step by step guide using PPC google adwords. I’ll be waiting on that. Thanks!

  6. babylontorch says:

    high katy … I didn’t anderstood any word you said because of your sexy voice baby … now I’m suffering

  7. HardstyleMusicHQ says:


  8. OuchItBitMe999 says:

    could you help me with this i really dont understand how your making a profit of of this method all i could gather from this video was that it costs 10 cents if somebody clicks on the video?

  9. mettta88 says:

    This was great info, thanks. I was wondering, do you have any videos on YOUTUBE advertisers who want to advertise on your siteand how that works exactly – let’s says if you have a popular video and they actually pay you? Do you have any links for that, maybe? thx

  10. ghap4a says:

    WOW!!!! YOu really ROCK!!!! I was looking for this long long time ago. I finally found the info I need it. But I am wondering this video is from 2008, how much different do you think it is from now. Have you been promoting videos lately? Anyway, the information was terrific. Thumbs up and fave!!!!!

  11. hireava says:

    Nice information Katie! this is a new marketing strategy for me, I know how much traffic youtube had so I do think that youtube advertising will be another good resource for traffic on our website.

  12. supertec07 says:

    thankyou, madam. very informative great work.

  13. curtmaly says:

    Nice video! I like what you are doing here, keep it coming!

  14. MOTHIKAS says:


  15. infinitydownlineee says:

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  16. TheBlueprintGuys says:

    amazing…. Thanks

    Just so you know, you are ranking number 1 in google for the term “youtube ppc”…. keep up the great vids and the great work!

  17. vanmaarwijk says:

    nice video, cheers

  18. inspiretobegreat says:

    Thanks Katie, great video….I was just about to make a youtube video about some of the changes going on with youtube. I am going to have to mention this video. Thanks again

  19. halwabed says:

    I also want to upload my video but unfortunately, I don’t look as pretty as you look. You’ve advantage from the nature. But I look ugly.

  20. rodrigopinacio says:

    Love your stuff!!! Thank you Kattie. Looking forward to partnership with you and Churchil very soon.

    Love & peace

    Your friend

    Rodrigo ( South Florida )

  21. almazriv says:


  22. joycefrank says:

    Very informative Video! Thanks for sharing another way to market!!

  23. MichaelsVlog says:

    I vote Katie Freiling as the Top Internet Marketer of 2008. Please keep it UP in 2009, I/we need YOU! Thank you so much..!

  24. sbeckstrand says:

    I didn’t know you could do this on YouTube. Thanks Katie and you’re awesome.

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