– Startups – News Roundtable Panel with Liz Gannes and Jon Ferrara – TWiST #284

1:00 Welcome everyone to an end-of-the-summer TWiST News Roundup with panelists Liz Gannes of AllThingsD and Jon Ferrara, the CEO of Nimble. 3:00 Thank you to Squarespace for supporting the show! Everyone thank @Squarespace! 5:30 First story: Marissa Mayer has been at the helm of Yahoo for about two months now. How do you rate her progress? 6:15 Liz: I think she needs people to hold off from rating her for as long as possible. 8:30 Jason: I give her an A, I’m a fan and I’m rooting for her. 9:30 Kirin: Does it matter that Yahoo stock has taken a bit of a beating? 9:45 Jon: I think you can learn a lot from talking to team members. I recently spoke to a senior product manager at Yahoo who said they used to be embarrassed to say they worked there, but are now really happy that Marissa is on board. 11:45 Jon also gives Marissa an A. 12:00 Liz: I give her a C, you really have to earn an A. 12:45 Discussion of the possible companies that Yahoo might acquire. 15:15 Jon: I worry about Flipboard and Zite having their data access cut off. 20:00 Jon: What are the top products at Yahoo right now? 21:15 Jason: Why don’t they just make Flickr free? 22:30 What about Path, any chance Dave Morin will sell? 25:45 Liz, do you think Pinterest is really an acquisition possibility for Yahoo? 26:15 Thank you to GoToMeeting for supporting the show! Everyone thank them @GoToMeeting! 29:30 Other companies on Liz and Kara’s list were Bump, Pulse and Foodspotting. 30:15 Next story: The Apple/Samsung

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  1. Robbie George says:

    No money in the swear jar when Jason said ‘bastard’ ?!?! What is this? I’m shocked and stunned.

  2. Severin Kistner says:

    Funny Dr. Evil reference 30:19

  3. GMGM0013 says:

    I’m wondering what Tyler is talking about all over the world giving conferences…he does not say a word during the show… Stockholm syndrom … buddy get over it or stay over there …
    Jason you are a stud, keep it up.

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