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Never miss an episode! Subscribe in iTunes: Audio (bit.ly || Video (bit.ly Visit www.sourcebits.com to begin your web app development journey. Take a meeting with Sourcebits and you’ll also get a 15-minute meeting with Jason Calacanis! Email sourcebits@thisweekin.com for more info. Igloo is an intranet you’ll actually want to use Visit www.igloosoftware.com and sign up for a chance to win the new iPad mini! Join our mailing list and be the first to learn about upcoming guests! (bit.ly ============== On today’s episode, Jason talks with Dalton Caldwell founder of App.net and formerly imeem. They talk about the history of imeem, how app.net can change social networks, and the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. 0:30 Let’s welcome Dalton Caldwell of App.net 0:55 What was Imeem 1:45 How many uniques were you getting per month? 2:10 What did you learn about social at that time? 2:45 What do you Myspace they got wrong? 4:30 Why do you think Digg unraveled so fast? 5:30 Was it the music industry that killed Imeem? 6:35 Could Pandora be crushed at any time you think? 7:25 Why does congress need to be involved in web radio? 8:20 What was it like when you built such a successful site and then had it taken away? 10:25 At what point to it go from being painful to a resolution? 12:15 Was it worth the psychological damage for you to create imeem? 13:30 Let’s talk about app.net 18:15 Let’s talk about Sourcebits: We’re working with them on a crowdfunding app for the Launch
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  1. us0r says:

    Are you really into business and startups? All this bash off Facebook monetizing is a bit ridiculous. Also the sponsored posts are marked and have been. Then the twitter bashing. Of course they are going to kick out anyone they think is/will/might compete with them. WTF would you do? Also anyone dumb enough to build a business (or a core business function) on a 3rd party API — deserves what happens. Love that both services are the #1 and #2 buttons on your site. Good interview Dalton.

  2. Adnan Issadeen says:

    Is it awkward that there’s a mention of Dalton’s twitter profile but nothing of his app.net one?

  3. 1AdamLittle1 says:

    Great job Dalton!

  4. Palemale19 says:

    I must agree, its been so inspiring to watch your shows. I just discovered them, and have been watching and or listening when I have the time. I always walk away from these even more inspired to do my own thing.

  5. oscardequiros says:

    Totally love your show. If I ever get to be a successful entrepreneur, I’ll hace to give you great part of the credit. Thanks so much for your effort. Cheers from Spain!

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