– Startups – Bill Nguyen, Co-founder of Color.com

Fresh off Color.com’s million raise, Bill Nguyen joins TWiST to discuss his successes–and what he would do differently next time. Bill also shares his thoughts on implicit social media, the “bubble” and why he likes to work in the battub. 1:30-3:00 .CO contest reminder- ending April 1. To enter, buy a .co address and email your receipt to contest@thisweekin.com. Jason and Tyler will pick the best idea. 3:30-5:00 What should we take away from this raise? What does it mean for the industry? 5:00-5:30 You’re building an implied social network, correct? 5:30-6:30 Explain to users what is different about an implied or implicit social network versus an explicit one. 6:30-7:30 When did you first have this idea? What was the creative spark and when did you have it? 9:30-10:30 Let’s talk about how the app works. Jason can see photos from an employee’s weekend even though he wasn’t there with him. Explain how that works. 11:00-12:30 What if the user wants to do explicit things with my network? Color feels like a minimally viable product. What’s your product philosophy? 12:30-15:00 You’re happy that this product is getting so much attention but you also seem beat up by all the attention on the big number. You’re taking some of the heat from your team. Would you do anything differently? 15:45-17:15 Steve Jobs was your first investor–true or not true? 17:15-18:15 Isn’t it true that if you do something truly revolutionary, 80-90% of people won’t understand it initially? 19:30-20
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  1. Robert Betancourt says:

    will that fit my business?

  2. yantram123 says:

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  3. John Harder says:

    Sounds like a good traffic generater

  4. livi1129 says:

    Gage is that u?

  5. livi1129 says:

    does he play minecraft?

  6. StephenBardutz says:

    Does know what email address I can contact Bill Nguyen with? If you do know, please send me a private message, thank you.

  7. MrE2E says:

    Great idea – really hopes this works out for them He seems like a smart guy.

  8. shesdoinit says:

    He skipped SXSW because he doesn’t like conferences?! What an idiot.

  9. Xenctuary says:

    If you’re at the same party as someone and you want to find out more about them, talk to them! The app is cool, though. I hope it takes off.

  10. TamilLatest says:

    Schwag is not the same as swag, just saying.

    And I am preparing a presentation for the dot.co contest. It is a social network application that is way better than Color.

  11. PaidVideoReviews says:

    Whoa I’m downloading it and trying to open it in Boise as he said “in Boise ID.”

  12. kidgill2000 says:

    By default raw experience streams would always be available to the collective, (excluding the aforementioned inappropriate/private parts which would only be available to you or if one committed a crime while on pause it could be used in court) but users could switch to the ‘highlight view’ which only recommends interesting/relevant experience clips that you can tap into via seeing what they see, hearing what they hear tasting, touching, smelling, feeling what they feel or all of the above.

  13. kidgill2000 says:

    lastly, it would be cool if In the background, the system would simultaneously auto edit a running highlight reel of your more interesting experience clips, which cuts out all the boring mundane parts of everyday life (i.e sleeping, zoning out while waiting for something, etc.). It would do this with AI recomendation engines, sophisticated computer vision and image processing capabilities.

  14. kidgill2000 says:

    If your thinking wouldnt being able to frequently pause your feed whenever you want defeat the inherentlly public/transparent purpose, I think that people will be less inclined to be on pause too often because While on pause, not only will other people not be able to access your live stream but you will not be able to access theirs either.

  15. kidgill2000 says:

    eventually the system would learn your privacy behaviors and autopause for you the autounpause when you were decent again. Conversely, shared porn experiences may even become a popular option that pops up in the feeds of the more sexual exhibitionists among us. Meanwhile, The more conservative user will only see things they’ve deemed appropriate — sexual content would not show up in there feed because of customizeable content filters.

  16. kidgill2000 says:

    yes I knew right off the bat that this will transform how we social network. Take it a step further and imagine if we combined this with 24/7/365 always on cameras, mics, maybe even one day neuromorphic sensors embedded in the brain that could live broadcast your entire gestalt. This is the hive mind. I do think though there needs to be customizeable privacy options and content filters. So say for instance you could manually pause your live public feed when your in the bathroom having sex etc.

  17. HowToBecomeTV says:

    I get it now. Wow.

  18. HowardScottj says:

    This should be considered the source for anyone who wants to understand what Color is. The intriguing part of the product is that it is mirroring the initial Facebook, Twitter, etc “I don’t get it” response. Not getting it means its disruptive. Looking forward to watching it evolve. 

  19. seddona says:

    Personal Area Social Networking

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