Stand up as people

Video for Mr Lee Ryan´s Charity song “stand up as people” War child – project!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Jaratjit i-sakong says:

    ความหมายดี >>>.

  2. MsENIRT says:

    Everytime i hear this song, i have to cry!!

  3. LoveCheesePie says:

    I can’t find it on Itunes, anyone? Help!! If you got a link or something… PLEEAS!

  4. tamyfiona says:

    love it.

  5. utoobasaurus says:

    Absolutely amazing! Wonderful and soulful! 10*’s!

  6. OfficialLexxa says:

    live part at the beginning is awesome. the song is amazing. i cry every time….

  7. svetlanadimitrovska says:

    Excellent song, thank you…

  8. ICEMAN0o says:

    music that truly touches the soul

  9. KateCross1 says:

    thants my favourite song from lee…
    why don´t they play it in the radio??

  10. louisenoergaard says:

    can i buy or download this song somewhere?

  11. NycBabiiXoXo says:


  12. Ludovica094 says:

    Lee è fantastico, questa canzone è meravigliosa :’-)

  13. Siandra says:

    I love this song.
    Lee has a beautiful voice

  14. starflydisco says:

    I love this song.

  15. roisbren says:

    nigger baby rape

  16. 027stefanieke says:

    Beautiful video on a beautiful song

  17. peoplestandup says:

    Very good job!!!

  18. xxxyoungheartxxx says:

    WOW>>>>>>>.BEAUTIFULLLL>>>>> 🙁

  19. Lidzay says:

    Happy birthday Lee!
    Im so happy for can know about you again! and for Blue is back ^ ^
    Love you Lee…♥

  20. Bleach18Angel says:

    diz iz z good song, im gonna make a video about racism wiht this…

  21. LittleLadyCore says:

    This song is so amazing.
    It touches my heart.
    It makes me crying.
    Everytime i hear this song, i must cry.
    Its so great.
    I love it.

  22. Lidzay says:

    This song make me cry…God is so beautiful…is wonderful…Lee really you are the best…your song is in my heart…love you…

  23. denycrazygirl says:

    lee ryan *-* he’s the best.

  24. mrormy says:

    Check our new song out…
    “Mrs Allan”
    A tribute to all who have lost a loved one to war yet a song of hope.
    The Ormidales

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