Stallman: Facebook IS Mass Surveillance – RT 111202

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  1. MagicSysRq says:

    LOL Dude said “freeware and shareware”. Dude, it’s not the 90s, its called free and open source software (FOSS) now. No one uses BTX or AOL anymore.

  2. iiiears says:

    I admire him for his untiring dedication to free speech and am grateful for the GNU. license.

  3. iheartpeta1 says:

    The day the free software movement becomes credible is the day Mark Shuttleworth becomes the new president of the Free Software Foundation and tells Richard Matthew Stallman to take a hike. Free software will never become credible until the Free Software Foundation rids itself of the dogmatic adovcates such as RMS.

  4. iheartpeta1 says:

    And this is the same heartless bastard who said he was glad Steve Jobs was dead. THAT is another reason why the masses will never accept GNU/Linux. If you ask me, Mark Shuttleworth is a far better example of what a true GNU/Linux advocate should be like. Shuttleworth realizes that people want a free operating system which also offers optional support for MP3s, DVDs, iPod/iPhone support, and other commercial features.

    There is nothing wrong with profiting from free OSes such as Ubuntu.

  5. ITTutorCanada says:

    @sanitydotorg I agree, he is quite right. The Gmail servers are open-access for the CIA and the CIA also store stuff on the same servers. I agree he is right on there, and I agree you are bang on with your description of him. 🙂

  6. sanitydotorg says:


    Yes, people should get paid to work on commercial projects as long as other people are willing to pay them for it. I’m not a fan boy of RS. Quite the opposite actually. He’s a sociopath and psychotic who believes global warming is real and wants to despotically control every aspect of every life on this planet. But he does happen to be right about patents and copyright and he is right about Apple and Facebook which is a CIA front and datamining op

    emerge -u world

  7. AgainstTheWind001 says:

    “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”
    – Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, 1970

  8. ITTutorCanada says:

    @sanitydotorg I’d also like to point out the GNU compiler set is pretty trash too. Go look at the LLVM vs GNU benchmarks. LLVM makes GNU look like it was developed by a half retarded inbred monkey in terms of performance and optimization. Just FYI you might wanna learn a thing or two before you go off into a fanboyism rage and start attacking other people.

  9. ITTutorCanada says:

    @sanitydotorg Actually I’m quite versed in using many flavors of linux including fedora, red hat, centos, ubuntu, suse and gentoo. However, I don’t prefer linux as my primary operating system. I like it when I’m programming, because the environment is fantastic for that. I like it for running web servers and such, but I prefer windows for my day-to-day activities. So please, stop with the nonsense that *nix users are better/more intelligent.

  10. ITTutorCanada says:

    @sanitydotorg That’s good I’m happy you can make money that way. I don’t. I work for myself as a programmer, so nobody is going to come along and pay me. For this fat-ass bearded land whale to call me evil or delinquent for charging people money to entertain them (right now I’m developing casual games) is really just ignorant and stupid. It’s like “hey, my way of doing things is the only way and everyone else is evil.” Please, go start a religion. Oh wait, he already did that too. What a loser.

  11. sanitydotorg says:


    I get paid to work on open source software. So do plenty of other developers.

  12. sanitydotorg says:


    LOL Sounds like impotent rage. The real reason you don’t use Linux is because you’re an idiot, so you lash out at Stallman and Linux users simply because theyre smarter than you. Go write an operating system that runs 99.99999% of the internet or a compiler on par with GCC and then run your mouth off you communist piece of shit. Otherwise STFU

  13. jdev789 says:

    Richard rules!!

  14. ITTutorCanada says:

    “If they pay the developer they’re even worse, because they’re awarding this delinquency” – Stallman, pay my bills for me and I’ll follow your ideology. Don’t pay my bills, and you can take it and go die under a rock.

  15. ITTutorCanada says:

    I’d also like to point out that stallman doesn’t actually believe whole heartedly in his own software ideas (free for all). Why? Proof is in the libgnustl. It’s licensed under the GPL but it’s given special license exceptions to basically do whatever you want with it, and therefore ignore the entire idea and rules given in the GNU license. He did this because he knows how impractical his ideas are and if he forced people using his STL port to abide by this, little to no people would use it.

  16. ITTutorCanada says:

    I like stallman as a person, but as a programmer I really dislike him. His ideas are that no programmer should be able to make money, unless he gives away his code (and this his program) for free… which means my income is based on the few who would donate a dollar or two to me for my 12+ months of hard work. I guess he either never tried to make money off of being a programmer to feed himself or his family, or someone else is paying his bills. Must be nice either way.

  17. 1Ravangers1 says:

    @Cha4k you cant complain about something thats free, if you want better software you can join the community to make it better

  18. Cha4k says:

    What about people who like the ethics but dont like the software?

  19. frenchpet says:

    Stallman rules !

  20. frenchpet says:

    @iheartpeta1 Because windows and OSX are shit tier operating systems, the only reason why they have market share is because of monopolistic control over some essential devices and software.

  21. CodeTwo2 says:

    @iheartpeta1 “Why would the masses want to switch to a free operating system created by a loonfuck wannabe hippie?”

    They’d do better to listen to people like this guy for honesty, than the Machiavellian snakes in “government”, banking, corporate business and so on.

    The fact that the snakes all look, speak and advocate the same, is testament to the fact that people have been conditioned into trusting that narrow appearance and bearing – and just look where it’s got the world.

  22. iheartpeta1 says:

    Richard Stallman is the reason why GNU/Linux will never be accepted by the masses. The man is a nutcase. Why would the masses want to switch to a free operating system created by a loonfuck wannabe hippie?

  23. TheTrieye says:

    checkout my vids

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