SS Recruitment Challenge + OCE Edit Contest!!!!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Only Commited/Loyal Fans will do the recruitment Challenge 🙂 y0 Guys Inspire here with an SS RECRUITMENT CHALLENGE and OCE Edit Contest!!!! Alright guys we are having a recruitment challenge and we are looking for as MANY BEAST players as we can. Rules -Clantag MUST Be [$ $ ] -MUST Record HDPVR -Could have Feeds/Trickshots -No Editing Needed (Preferred) -Creativity over Distance PS, You do NOT need to have an HD PVR Unless you are amazing 😉 Also we ARENT recruiting a certain amount of players so it could be up to 1 player to 10 😀 OCE Contest Download www.gamefront.com -No Copy Righted Songs -Top 3 Edits gets a spot on the editing Team! Good Luck guys and have fun!!!

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  1. ohhYusuf says:

    may i do some trickshots on mw2 and some feeds on mw3 😀 ?

  2. oMaJiiKz says:

    3 Clips !

  3. IsubjeqzI says:


  4. WhosBaked says:

    i’ll take the challenge:)

  5. ZuuKaaHD says:


  6. IrishMediaDesigns says:

    damm i got 2 clips today with SS in my clan tag , could i use them?

  7. PayneOG says:

    yo im finishing the dZO recruitment challenge, so can i have it as dZO$?

  8. CorrectColour says:

    I sent you one(:

  9. OMGitsBurner says:

    @StyleAndSimplicity i would do this but you guys jus might cancel when you guys inv ppl so im not gonna waist time

  10. xxBage says:

    yay! u dnt need a pvr for the first time 😀

  11. HeaLMovies says:

    @HeaLMovies btw… theres a shot idea for anyone who wants to add more variations into it 😉

  12. HeaLMovies says:

    at least someone agrees creativity over distance 😉
    coulda been dirty 😉

  13. whosZyphaa says:

    y0 guys how long and hiya tirn Jay love use how long it gota be msg me psn

  14. ScopeEffect says:

    GFX bro?

  15. ImSnap says:

    how many clips?

  16. Twist4D says:

    Good luck bitches 😀
    -SS ThreeG

  17. TehHouston says:

    goooood luck guys 🙂

    SS Frisky

  18. iiTriV says:

    @theBIGyesman march 16, my birthday. maybe sooner, if people will pay back the money i loan them

  19. theBIGyesman says:

    @iiTriV i didnt mean it to be negative or offensive 😉 when are you getting the pvr?

  20. SimbaHasSwaga says:

    Just take me now! I have waited so long to get in a decent clan and all my work didnt get me up yet!
    PLs thumbs up that SS can see! 🙂

  21. TehBeenzley says:

    can i do creative distance? 😀

  22. iiTriV says:

    @theBIGyesman im gettin a pvr soon i was just wondering if it would be used for the clips. get off me

  23. xPertHDee says:


  24. MoussyEdits says:

    @StyIeAndSimplicity okayy <2

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