19 Replies to “Spruz Social Network Platform Hands On Review”

  1. you didn’t show us how discussions works. Does the thread have ” reply ”
    and quote ” buttons. Is a thread logical?

  2. Those “Package Solution” social networks are not the way to go honestly.
    It’s a good concept and all… just not very practical.

  3. i see all the computer book behind you and was wondering if you had any
    websites for beginners for java programming ? any help

  4. i really hate any kind of social network that’s now available on the
    market. 🙁 if i had a wish for free i would wish me a social network based
    on p2p technology. I know that it is not currently relay table. But in the
    future when everyone has ftth it’s a really cool alternative

  5. hai eli brother. i had big problem in installing windows 7 ultimate. it
    takes more than 12 hours to install. but even after installing the os it
    behaves unusually. i find u r the right guy to solve this problem.

  6. Lol a networking service is a pain in the butt indeed administrative,
    hosted solutions are the best. With all the trolls on the net managing a
    sys like that is horror.

  7. Hi Eli! You do great work and seem to be very informed and thorough!
    Wondering if you are still using Spruz … and if you have any regrets so
    far. Would love to get an update, as I too think it could be an exciting
    platform for the communities I’m about to create. Much ((LOVE)) &
    Gratitude, -Andrew PS If you need a contract IT helper to work remotely,
    I’d be interested. I live in LA.

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