Sponsor More Downlines SMD Video #1 – Sorting Prospects

http://www.sponsormoredownlines.info This is the first Free Video training from Sponsor More Downlines by my friend Eduard Reformina. I am sharing this video…
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  1. Rossana Roja says:

    Free MLM video training #1 on how to Sponsor More Downlines into your
    Network Marketing business.

  2. Irish Ambi says:

    hi po me i ask how to invite my prospect in good way and easy way? thanks

  3. Mary Ann nebre skowronek says:

    thanks a lot for sharing this video,,marami po aking natutunan,,isa rin po
    ako networking business,n porus negative lahat na invite ko

  4. ninch nagac says:

    gusto mo ng extraincome? if willing to join…add me up in facebook

  5. ricky arganda says:

    sir, where can I buy your books entitled sponsor more downlines

  6. demy orbillo says:

    thanks.. i got an idea=)

  7. rheynand alopoop says:

    thanks a lot for sharing this video

  8. Exodus El'sis Goldmanner says:

    Tnx lord tnx dn.po s inyo.sir mlaking bgay po ito pra s amin tnx sna mrami
    p.po.kyong ipost n.gnito

  9. Iryn Laurente says:

    Slamat sir sa lahat

  10. Suraj Srinivasa says:

    yeah youtube clips do make it fairly easy to meet ugly chicks but if you
    want to meet honeys you really need to know why girls tick or you will get
    crushed check out the free clip on PUA66.COM I could tell we were going to
    get along from the way he wiped his ass—on my tie.

  11. jeremiah nobisuke says:

    maraming salamat sa video na ito malaking tulong ito para akin na first
    time ko sa networking.God Bless!!!

  12. Tereza Lagazo says:

    Im learning talaga..:-)

  13. Arnold Cabañero says:

    it help

  14. Robert Johnston says:

    Very informative. Thanks for ds video. Ds will help me a lot as a beginner.

  15. Riz Urmatam says:

    this is very informative, and a very useful tool to encourage new prospect
    ! Godbless Us All .. 🙂

  16. shounn cabacci says:

    Wow. I could really use these videos for my networking business thank you
    Mr. Eduard!

  17. may ladigohon says:

    maraming salamat po sa videong ito alam ko na malaking tulong po ito sa
    amin ,lalo na sa mga baguhang pasok sana mka subay bay kmi ng video #2

  18. Denn Gablines says:

    god bless us all…yes to success

  19. jerrylyn montabote says:

    grabe sa mga nguumpisang katulad ko ang laki ng maitutulong nito

  20. James Mangonon says:

    Very informative – I have watched it and will watch it again and take notes

  21. aedrian Frepi says:

    find ways haha b0bong tanung nmn reianne

  22. Rossana Roja says:

    Thanks for your comment Mylene. I’m glad na nakatulong sayo ang video
    training na to. Feel free to share this sa group or sa tea mo and don’t
    forget to click the link sa description sa taas para maka-register ka to
    get more updates on this training. We hope to help more Filipinos succeed
    in their MLM business. More power on your business and God bless!

  23. Francis Amoroso says:

    wow, tnx po ng marami, madami ako natutunan…keep sharing po 🙂

  24. MYLENE GENAVIA says:

    ang galing nmn, aaralin ko to, nd salamat at naisipan mong gawin to,
    makakatulong ito ng malaki sa mga tulad ko na nag-uumpisa p lamang at dun s
    dumaranas ng maraming rejection. Tnx uli and more power.

  25. jhiankeirl alejado says:

    thank you so much po sa pinakamagandang video na inupload nyo,grabeh ang
    dami kong natutunan and nabibigyan na nang kasagutan ang mga tanong na
    matagal ko nang hinahanap nang sagot…marami po talagang salamat sa
    inyo..:) god bless po..:)

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