Spanking My Monkey – Epic Stoner Time

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. rock42515bw says:

    *Shaggy lol

  2. gonetothehuskies says:

    Cool video

  3. SpaceboundCrazy says:

    you remind me of shady from scooby-doo

  4. theridergirl97 says:

    lies…. I act like that when im stoned…

  5. Fin Shaggy says:

    Cool video, the ending shouldn’t have been literally gay though. I’ve got tons of weed videos, check out my channel.

  6. MangoJuiceJS says:

    Are you defending them…? It’s bad either way… Ahaha

  7. Jasmin Dee says:


  8. ReeceLovesBeauty says:

    favorite part 1:52 to 1:59 😉

  9. Giovanni Grimaldi says:


  10. ihopexlove says:

    did sawyer really break up with blare? 🙁

  11. savannah Tomlinson says:

    does he actually smoke weed

  12. GagaCrazy17 says:

    i love you.

  13. ruhappy2cme2 says:

    I’ve actually seen a stoner act like this lol, this video is hilarious….ha people who say stoned people don’t act like this are just getting high themselves so they don’t know. My eyes totally go like that and my voice goes super high and I crack up waaaaaaaaaay too much :S

  14. candace heartsfield says:


  15. ladyFIERCEgaga says:

    His voice (sometimes) sounds like charlie from its always sunny in philidelphia

  16. Fuuunnniiieee says:

    His voice sounds like adam sandler

  17. Amizzy Kones says:


  18. Sydney Jensen says:


  19. kenziesmakeup123 says:

    @Meinligthside Vcard stands for virgian. Meaning he took her virginity

  20. Warren Kuch says:


  21. EAC1215 says:

    maybe smoke a blunt and try again.

  22. TheBeccAHHH says:

    bahah oh goodness im dying

  23. putli09 says:

    happy birthdayy!

  24. peace3159 says:


  25. bitOluck85 says:

    Happy Birthday!!

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