Social Networking Wars

Facebook, Myspace and more……

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  1. girlstorm09 says:

    its really flipping sad i had to refresh like SIX times and still couldn’t escape the commercials!!!

  2. gariouscom says:

    Facebook and Twitter are still the best!

  3. xJasbo says:

    this video rocks! who made it ?

  4. nikkiolala says:

    Silver Lake!.. Loved the video too!

  5. sonitekca says:

    “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Very interesting and informative. thanks for the video

  6. cheesebowls says:

    guess what?…. tumblr

  7. FrankyInfo says:

    ต้องการอยู่แบบไหน โลกเสมือน กับ โลกแห่งความเป็นจริง..

  8. dewitback says:

    hahaha, that was funny.

  9. ddcortina says:

    nice video u should add sumtin about farmville its so lame i dont understand how it can be so entertaning for people…dont tell my gf i said that

  10. StDamian says:

    Twitter didnt make it on here… oh yea… thats cuz twitter is FUCKING LAME!!!! IF I WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT FAMOUS PPLS LIVES I’D WATCH ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT!!!!

  11. geoffpeterstrio says:

    well done!

  12. CashBackAtEbay says:

    Funny. Somebody TWITTERED me this because Friendster sold for mega bucks ($100 million, I think). So where does that leave us Nit-TWITS?

  13. shyhansom says:

    lol. . superb video ,,,, hahaha ,,, where is twitter n orkut ???? bt none the less superb concept….

  14. 1973metalmaster says:

    Want MASSIVE Twitter Friends?
    The Best Networking Tools Here:
    MySpaceFriendList (dot) com

  15. 19beautifulamazing says:

    haha… great idea!!

  16. ncrper3 says:


  17. ajayg514 says:

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  18. AldenKrueger says:

    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. rtgyiio

  19. massbehavior says:

    classic XD

  20. BeepCheep77 says:

    -_- so true hahaha 🙂

  21. thejacker says:

    nice work

  22. badillandres says:

    great video! great idea! totally true!

  23. CarpeOmne says:

    “It’s not a girl… IT’S NEVER A GIRL!!!!”


  24. odiousone says:

    You were on the floor? Seriously? Wow… did you fall?

  25. PRINCEofPECICA says:

    and where is hi5?rofl I have an hi5 account and I signed in about two months ago.the only ,,social networking site,, that I use often is u 2be!I dont like social networking,I have a real life and i am happy with that!

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