Social Networking Wars: SuperNews!

Myspace confronts a young fellow who may have been cheating on it with other sites. Soon facebook and others show up for a showdown. Let the social networking wars begin! Watch more SuperNews! www.current.com www.facebook.com VIEW more SuperNews! clips & SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Playlist here… www.youtube.com
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  1. KARLOXIZAU says:

    wtf is friendster??

  2. BaneDays says:

    facebook destroyed everything and I DELETED THAT SHIT FUCK FACEBOOK!

  3. gamerguy209 says:

    Skanks…..how I miss the skanks

  4. sublimenese says:

    Myspace did turn into a friendster

  5. PhoenixAngel429 says:

    I want a Friendster now! No one uses it anymore, so I should go there. ­čśÇ

  6. spotlessapple says:


    ^^^discusses how Facebook and Google are gonna duke it out ;]

  7. Lighthouse418 says:

    wtf is friendster?

  8. xpurple505 says:

    google+ is still kind of lame -__- they need more ppl to join

  9. migstartv says:

    friendster is the first second is myspace last is facebook!! now google+

  10. alliesuarez says:

    @thevideogirl1000 twitter is not a social network, it’s a microblogging

  11. RickyBarnesBlog says:

    Hahah) lol! Watch the truth about social networking on my channel…

  12. darkfire1044 says:

    skank power, awaayyy!!

  13. Slezi2007 says:

    poor poor poor friendster´╗┐

  14. xo990 says:

    @framk20SH this wad made in 2008 google+ didn’t exist then

  15. framk20SH says:

    where’s google+?

  16. cellphonesrock76 says:

    Poor friendster.

  17. thevideogirl1000 says:

    where the hell twitter!?

  18. iMacAttac says:

    @thebloxxerronroblox I’m from Gen Y. I have no frigging clue about either. I just know that Justin Timberlake bought MySpace.

  19. thebloxxeronroblox says:

    @iMacAttac Not suprised about Friendster but MySpace? Google is your friend

  20. iMacAttac says:

    What’s Friendster or MySpace?

  21. MrEarthtangle says:

    Nice topics, really help full info. if you want new concept social site just follow us. its free earthtangle com

  22. artizek says:

    There should be a sequel with Twitter and Google+

  23. Skullsnbonesrulez says:


  24. Moongalz says:

    im going to friendster!!!

  25. chronousnemesis says:

    Very true, I haven’t click the Shut Down button for 3 weeks now

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