Social Networking Sites to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Social Networking Sites to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Article by Abbi Jordan

The majority of online businesses these days have to use social networking sites to help drive traffic constantly to their websites or blogs. Searching for the top social networking sites is probably the best place to start.

It has almost become compulsory to network this way and any online business that chooses not to take full advantage of it will be left behind.

The traditional methods of marketing are struggling to keep up with the rapidly changing Internet world of today. We purely adjust our lives to fit into this marvel and not the other way around.

I can tell you that there is probably not a person now that uses the internet on a regular basis who won’t know what a social networking site is. How many times have you met a person and then end up asking them if they are on Facebook or Twitter?

In fact, I can promise you that they can probably list all the top social networking sites without pondering about it for too long.

I sat outside a coffee shop one morning in the city and I found myself listening to people’s conversations as they walked by. I started to calculate how many times similar conversations will come up from different people and I discovered the following:

Six out of ten conversations were related to a social networking site. Groups especially on these sites, are so powerful that it can influence anyone’s opinion in a heart beat.

So if the majority of people almost re-arrange their lives to fit into this social world, why not excessively use it to drive traffic to your website? The essential part is targeting the right audience for your business. I mention in my e-book about how powerful it can be if used in the correct manner and with great execution.

Most of these sites are free to use and that is a huge asset to your business.So driving the right kind of people to your website through these social networking sites can be daunting and a massive struggle occasionally.

There are two main reasons for this:

1. It takes time and effort to build up a reputation (Many people will not undertake such a task)

2. Due to not having patience and persistence, people burn their chances by rushing to generate results.

Social networking sites need to be treated very delicately if you want to drive traffic to your website on a consistent basis. Interfere with the wrong crowd and you will quickly be blacklisted amongst the users. Use it wisely and it will be your pot of gold that never gets depleted.

So the choice we make of where and when to network is of the essence here. Begin with that mind set and you will prosper from this contrivance of the social world.

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