Social Networking Sites Portal

Social Networking Sites Portal

After long time a portal website for the information about “Social Networking Sites” is came in picture. Website is created by “snsp” members for the reason mentioned in the below paragraph. In “snsp” community website, any user can share known/unknown information about social networking sites. The name of this website is “Social Networking Sites portal” or “snsp”.

Social Networking Sites portal” will become one stop in future for all the information about currently active as well as featured social networking sites. This information will be helpful for new users or for those people who wants to join the social networking sites, but can not join because they don’t know anything about the social networking sites.

So please share or gather the information about social networking sites for the current as well as future users.

Currently there are hundreds of popular social networking sites in market. But people knows about only few of them. The aim of “snsp” portal website is to bring all the information relate to these hundreds of social networking sites on single portal website. So that other users can access all the information easily.

This Portal is recently started so you will not find much information about Social Networking Sites in Social Networking Sites Portal. Therefore your information sharing is require to grow up the information database.

So, please contribute yourself to gather and share all the information/data about social networking sites on “snsp”.

For more information about use and policies, you can read Tearms of use and Privacy Policy for snsp.

Author of this article is one of the member of “snsp” community.

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