Social Networking Sites Own You

Social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are a great way to build both friendships and business. But they may also rob you of your rights.
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  1. thewowhelper says:

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  2. icgd1337r says:

    That’s why we need distributed social networks like identi.ca, Diaspora and Appleseed — so 1) there won’t be a single giant entity owning everything; 2) the users could have a choice who to trust, and if they don’t trust anyone — set up their own server.

  3. EliteDoomer says:

    Actubaly read the user agreement.

  4. Tokyorosebiz says:

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  10. addy75d says:

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  11. 86rishabh says:

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  12. Arrniee says:

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  13. ydubel says:

    This makes me wonder if “greedy” TOU agreements with these kind of assertion on claim to intellectual property will backfire. It seems a very bad social capital investment that can ultimately destroy or greatly damage brand equity.

  14. DoctorMontalban says:

    Instead of crying about rights people should just be diligent about keeping things private, if they don’t want issues to pop up. I don’t care what a site puts in their fine print. I just operate under the assumption that anything I put out there, I can’t take back.

  15. n07w4tU7hnk says:

    thx for the video!! REALLY hope ppl are paying attn / especially with the next internet upon us along with more tech that we will find ourselves involved in before we know it

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