Social Networking Sites… MY SPACE SUCKS!

What happens when Facebook, Twitter and My Space get together? Find out! To watch more great sketches and full episodes go to: www.TheWeekShow.com

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  1. guitarriff1988 says:

    @:06 LMFAO!!!! XD He sounds more like face book and how People post dumb ass comments up and get 25 like 45 comments on something stupid.I love these dudes.

  2. nc114 says:


  3. embi3n says:

    this just plain sucks, nothing funny about it.

  4. ahmaketharim says:

    Asian ladies online #lushfmlk.info#

  5. xXYayCindyXx says:


  6. UnknownMakiMaki says:

    YEAH ! FaceBook Rules

  7. M0RGiLiCi0US says:

    That was great!

  8. maryatlxo says:

    @WawaParodyX lol you’re kidding right? myspace has shit loads of people. i have more friends on my myspace than i do on facebook. derp.

  9. HomieOnTheBlock says:

    @Shabobala Hes not black you fucking racist idiot.

  10. simplyximei says:


  11. thrul56 says:


  12. loveinmysummerskin says:

    best episode,
    love the force quit. =)

  13. d00dlefreak says:

    this is a lovely way of showing the situation 🙂

  14. frikencool2714 says:

    myspace rocks!!!!

  15. llewiss5 says:

    you would like to scroll down on him

  16. JackandEm1 says:

    …Hey, I kinda like those.

    I love your smiley pop up video lol AND I love this one too.

  17. MusicKillsThePain says:

    ikr totally!!! facebook is the best of the 3. myspace is cool too, but i find it annoying when music and other things just automatically start and all.

    but, best episode!!!! xD

  18. HenceTheMoment says:

    I love Myspace…I never use it ’cause everyone’s gone! Lol. But this was hilarious!

  19. Random8788898693 says:

    agreed =]

  20. jtoman123 says:

    lmfao sooo true!

  21. SturgessMonkey says:

    Heh heh. Agreed 🙂

  22. gossipgirl141414 says:

    Haha, I already saw this when it was on The Week Show but this was one of my favourite parts :D.

  23. Shabobala says:


  24. hiplikeaturnip says:


  25. WawaParodyX says:

    @maryatlxo facebook has people. myspace doesn’t. facebook wins

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