Social networking sites have educational benefits

University of Minnesota researcher Christine Greenhow breaks down how her research has found that social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace can have an impact for learning and educational growth for high school students. By working with students in a Minneapolis high school to study how they use the social sites, she has discovered that the benefits may just outweigh any risks. This video is part of the Expert Perspectives series at the University of Minnesota.
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  5. VirtualAssistantInc says:

    At last i have found a video that says social networking has a positive benefit. The effects of social media would depend on how an individual uses it. Too much of something can be harmful.

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  11. toxic446 says:

    This was kinda common sense when social networks began on the internet….

  12. rayofminneapolis says:

    say 10 years behind the early adapter/ enthusiast curve?

  13. rayofminneapolis says:

    Remember in 1995 when chatting on AOL and emailing with hotmail was thought of as anti-social by the socialites? But Internet natives just thought, well whatever, they don’t know what they’re talking about, and are really missing out.
    Looks like digital communication is socially acceptable and even educational now that everyone over 40 has discovered Facebook.
    Still I’d say, for high schoolers, the risks of Myspace outweigh the benefits. Lets be discerning here.

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