Social Networking Sites For Kids: Suitable Or Not

Social Networking Sites For Kids: Suitable Or Not

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Perhaps social networking sites are the most successful sites among all comparatively. Almost all the people who have access to Internet are them members of some or the other or all the social networking sites. In fact, the present young generation is mad after such sites. Many of them hardly open other sites but only visit these sites.

Over the years, social networking has become not only a means of communicating with dear ones; rather it has become a fashion statement. If a person is not a member of any social networking sites, the person is considered to be outdated. In the school level and even in the higher levels it is a matter of great debate these days, whether social networking leave positive or negative impact on us, especially on the teenagers. In some offices, the social networking sites such as Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are banned, whereas in some of the other offices it is considered that it promotes a healthy work atmosphere in the offices. In fact, it provides a healthy platform to exchange many views, opinions and ideas with people living in different and distant parts of the world. It also can be called as a tool of cultural exchange.

It is a fact that social networking has changed the scenario of the world in a different way. The impact of these sites is not only on the teenagers but on the children as well. It is a known fact that kids are much curious by nature as compared to the adults, therefore they love surfing these sites through which they stay connected and can communicate well with people from any corner of the world who also can do the same. They find it exciting to be a part of the social networking sites. Most of such services make it clear that users should be at least 14 years of age; therefore, many children are found to adjust their date of birth in order to create an account in the sites. Many of these kids get come in contact with people who also have masked themselves and do not reveal their identity. Many times, this has resulted in attracting kids towards unlawful activities.

As kids are not aware of the wrong doings that are taking place around the world, so they sometime fail to realize what information they should exactly put publically. Therefore, they often make some information visible on their accounts that they should not. These sites are purely designed to meet all the needs and facilities of the teenagers and adults. So when kids get in contact with such sites them, they often get misused by these sites. Most of the times, parents often fail to notice this because they think that kids are just using the sites as a means to pass their time in the leisure period. However, parents should not be so careless at least in the case of their kids; therefore, they should strictly observation because this may cause harm to the kids in the long run.

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