Social Networking Sites: Can They Help Or Hurt Your Relationship?

Social Networking Sites: Can They Help Or Hurt Your Relationship?

Article by Rav Singh

Social networking sites have transformed countless facets of human behavior and interactions, and it can definitely affect your relationship in ways you couldn’t have predicted. While these website do offer you several opportunities for significant social interactions between you and your partner, it can also open up a huge Pandora box of lies, insecurities and nonstop spying that could put your relationship on the rocks.

So before diving into the social networking whirlpool, check out this list of pro’s and con’s first!How Social Networking Sites Can Help Your Relationship1) You now have more ways to communicate with your partner.Gone are the days when the only way to communicate with your loved one is through telephones and letters! Our modern era has created a whole bunch of communication portals that allow us to check on our significant others as fast as a blink of an eye. No need to find a phone booth. No need for pen and paper. Whether it’s through a tweet or a Facebook message, you can say “Hi!” to your loved one whenever and wherever you want.2) You can gain a more comprehensive insight on your partner’s likes and dislikes and interests.We hate to admit it, but oftentimes it’s those social networking sites that get the latest and juiciest information about our loved ones first. Take for instance, you might be surprised to see on your partner’s profile that he or she is actually a die-hard Justin Bieber fan, has an irrational fear of ingrown toenails or is currently taking up pottery lessons. Due to a variety of factors, so many stones are left unturned when one is communicating in the real world. But with a social networking site, people sit down and think really hard on what to put in their profiles and status updates to make it as accurate and interesting as possible. So if you want to know your partner a little bit better, the profile is definitely the way to go!

3) If your partner is away, you can spend your free time playing social networking games.There will always be moments when you will be left alone because your significant other has to be somewhere. To prevent getting lovesick, you can distract yourself by playing countless games that these social networking websites offer. They are enjoyable and will certainly keep you from worrying too much about your partner’s whereabouts and goings-on.

How Social Networking Sites Can Hurt Your Relationship1) Your partner may spend more time on these social networking sites that with you.Social networking sites are pretty addictive, and it won’t be too long that you realize your partner is spending more hours in them than with you. It gets a lot worse if your partner decides to cut your date short because he or she has some Farmville harvesting to do!2) Jealousy-driven activities such as spying and stalking can create issues.Social networking sites can bring out that undercover agent within us, what with the countless true-to-life scare stories about boyfriends and girlfriends cheating through Facebook! These social networking sites are called as such for a reason – and that is to network or communicate with friends. So what happens if your partner’s friends list includes his or her ex, ultimate crushes and a whole bunch of seemingly perfect people? You ask for his or her password, explore the inbox, notifications and even the friend requests. And as if that’s not enough, you also check out who posted what on your partner’s wall every now and then. Needless to say, these can all lead up to one, big trust issue-related mess!3) You may reveal too much personal information to other people online.You’re having menstrual cramps. You rant about how unreasonable your partner can get. You hate your boss. You love marshmallows a little too much. More often than not, social networking sites serve as a vent where people can just let it all out, no matter how personal those stuffs may be. If you are not careful, you might find yourself in conflict with another person, or worse a victim of identity theft.4) If you breakup with your partner, it would be quite hard to erase the past.During happier days, you and your partner had this habit of putting up pictures of your every move, whether it’s that kiss you shared during New Year’s Eve or that crazy night you had at Rio de Janeiro. The thing is you would never hesitate to upload pictures or post some sweet thoughts on each other’s walls. So what happens if things get all messed up and you two decided to call it quits? You will be erasing incalculable number of memories on your account just so you can move on. Plus, if you find yourself in a new relationship, those uploaded memorabilia might just put a strain between you and your new partner.

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