Social networking sites can generate money

Social networking sites can generate money

Article by Nico Kurniawan

Many articles have already been written about how a person with an account in a social networking site can make money. We’d love to share that, too, but what we really want you to know is that, as an owner of a social networking site, you can generate money other than from account upgrades of your members.

Here are three things that will bring in some money for you if you own a social networking site.

Affiliate marketingSurely, you have heard about it. It’s a form of free advertising. Here’s how it works. There’s a website that wants advertising space in your social networking site or dating site. Instead of an outright payment for an ad which may or may not work, you get paid a portion of a transaction that the advertiser closed with a customer who visited his site by clicking the ad on your site. It’s a referral system that does not even require you to put in work.

Vice-versa, you can also be the advertiser and look for an affiliate who can lend you advertising space. You’ll pay him a portion of a transaction he ‘referred’ to you, as well.

Google AdsGoogle ads are text or image ads that appear at a relevant website. If a website talks about tennis, tennis ads will appear at different locations on the page. If a website talks about jewelry, jewelry ads will appear. Therefore, at a dating site or social networking site such as yours, signing up for Google ads will generate dating ads and any related ads on your site. You get to be paid everytime a visitor clicks on an ad.

Member-centric developmentsAny website, no matter how great, will always have some room for improvement. Ask for your members’ feedback and make changes in the functionality or navigation of your site so that it becomes easier for them to use your dating site or social networking site. By keeping your members happy, they will only be glad to include your link to their email signatures and talk about you to other people. By making sure the ones who already signed up with you are always satisfied, your business could keep growing even if you haven’t even launced maximum efforts to get the word out about your social networking or dating business.

So there. There’s money in social networking, not only for members, but also for owners. If you’re interested in starting your dating site or social networking site, click the chat button at the upper right corner of the screen or call 1-800-778-1360 to learn more.


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