Social Networking Sites: Benefit or Curse?

Social Networking Sites: Benefit or Curse?

Article by Jasmine Sanchez

Social Networking Sites: Benefit or Curse?

Social networking sites can have a positive and negative effect on individuals. It depends on how you use these websites.The development of social networking sites has been quite dramatic and has become popular among teenagers as well as adults. Users have a variety of sites to choose from whether it is MySpace, Orkut or Face book. All these social networking sites are gaining popularity and have become a necessity for everyone around us.

Social networking sites are basically used to communicate with one another. You might have friends living in one part of the world and family in another. Social networking sites make it easier for you to keep in touch and communicate with one another whenever you want without having any restrictions. At the same time we can easily find our old friends with whom we have lost touch. Best of all, social networking sites help us meet new people who have the same interests as us. Thus social networking sites help us to be in constant touch and communicate with those who are close to us.

On the other hand social networking sites have a negative aspect also. When the youth start using these sites they tend to get addicted on to them. Addiction to anything is not good especially to social networking sites. There is a negative effect on your health, your social life and your education. Apart from this, social networking sites give users a stage or platform where they have freedom of speech, expression and choice. This freedom if used in a negative manner can lead to violence and a negative impact on the individual.

To have the freedom to speak and express your views is always a good thing but it depends on how you use it. With social networking if you use your freedom to cause harm and pain to others then it is a curse but if you tend to use it for the betterment of this world then it can be truly a great thing.

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