Social Networking Site for better Business from Website

Social Networking Site for better Business from Website

Article by Aniruddha Badola

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn. You must have heard these terms on radio, television, internet etc. Even your friends talk about them. If you are even little bit internet savvy then I can bet that you are also in at least one of these social networking sites.Social networking site is a category of website which allows people to register, put their bio/profile with business & website addresses and connect with other like minded friends. A social networking site also has other features like content posting, photos, application, create new groups/communities and lot of other stuff.Such sites are very helpful if you want to subtly spread word about yourself, your hobbies, business etc. Since, you are connected to your friends, relatives, and colleagues that is, people sharing same interests or goals, this form of marketing is not jarring or very intrusive. Since your business website URL is placed on your bio or posts, the website will get targeted traffic from these social networking sites.If you are regular about your activity on social networking sites and keep in touch with other members & communities, your site can get a fairly good amount of traffic. People are always on look out for information. Make your posts educative and informative.You can post an actual article on your business website and place excerpt with link back to that article on your website. This will also get you lot of traffic and hence business. This will convince people that you are serious about your business and have good knowledge regarding your domain. Share expert views on your subject matter. Be an authority. Place yourself such that people actively seek your advice. Try to help them, answer their queries and give unbiased suggestions. You need not devote all your time to these social networking sites. Just keep out few hours every week for social networking. Keep your post and replies clear, concise and relevant.Another good way of promoting your site and services will be to create and join communities. This will help you in gaining greater visibility. Be around and be seen. Help out other members. It’s just like the way you actually work in the real world. The difference is just that here you can interact with a larger community of people and from different demography and geography.So how do you start with social networking? Start with few highly popular networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut etc. Register to those social networking sites which are more popular or targeted to your business or interest group. For example for people related to real estate industry, Activerain is a good option. Once registered, create a profile, add your photograph and add your website link. Make as many friends and contacts as possible. Get busy with your networking and be consistent. Working in fits and starts wont help that much. Try out various strategies to find the best and most efficient way for yourself. Everything should not be about business and include some lighthearted posts, videos and images. This will help you make genuine connections with people.

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Author: Aniruddha Badola

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