Social Networking Site Enormous Advantage to Your Business

Social Networking Site Enormous Advantage to Your Business

Social networking websites are the greatest place for online commercial activities. People joined these websites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to use it to get free traffic for their business website.

If your website is into online sale of products or services, social sites will be of enormous advantage.

Many business houses develop their own social networking website exclusive for the commercial entity. It involves web application development, and it cost loads of money. However, if not in the position to invest lots of money for social site, there are many open-source available which hugely reduce your cost of web development.

Elgg – Elgg is one of the best open-source social networking platforms. It offers blog, networking, feeds and file sharing features. Its versatile pieces of a package offer nearly everything to develop a full featured website.

Drupal – Drupal is a popular Content management system (CMS). Thanks to its large community support, there are several Drupal modules available. Applying some programming skill and using these modules, anyone can develop social Networking website.


AroundMe – AROUNDMe is not used for building social networking websites. Its similar to creating your own collaboration server where a user can set up their own social site or community. Users can access guest book, blog, forum and wiki.

XOOPS with Yogurt Extension – XOOPS is a CMS use to create sites based on your needs. Extend your site by including social networking, forum and much more by adding appropriate modules. Yogurt is XOOPS module to add a social networking feature on your site.

Loved by less – “Loved by Less” is a social networking software based on “Ruby on Rails” Key feature includes are Blog, photo gallery, friends search, activity updates, messaging, Flickr and YouTube integration.

New Cloud – NewsCloud is one more CMS with story ranking functionality. Facebook app can be used for Facebook’s services. App is freely available for download.

PHPizabi – PHPizabi is a partly free social networking software package. They only charge a fee to get rid of their branding. They are approaching toward 100,000 downloads.

Mugshot – Mugshot developed by Red Hat, which is well known for Linux development and maintenance. It allows sharing post both reading and listening stuff with your friends. It is quite different from others.

Mahara – Mahara is a platform for demonstrating your lifelong learning, skills to the selected viewer. Create your e-Portfolio.

Dolphin – Dolphin developed and supported by Boonex. It is partly free community building application that is being primarily used by dating sites.

Select the open-source from the list which suites your requirement and customize as per your taste. Your social site is ready to use.

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