Social Networking Since No Man is on Island

Social Networking Since No Man is on Island

Article by Nisha Garg

Every human being needs to communicate with others in order to outlive in this competitive world. People face day to day social networking situation without even realising it. Social networking is an important element in every person’s life. Everyday, all the people look and make contacts with strangers. In the present scenario, people speak others when they find something common or similar between each other to start up a conversation or a small talk. Similar like, same office, same work profile, same name same interest, anything that is common between two strangers.

Social networking can be defined as the grouping of several people together into to specific groups, often like small communities which are based on particular topic. Although social networking is possible in person or face to face, especially in schools or in the office, the most popular way of social networking is online. This is because unlike most high of the people either stays in touch with people they meet everyday, besides that people connect with people they do not known. Normally, people do not get enough time to stay connected with someone they do not meet everyday. It’s not possible for a person to call and stay in touch with their old classmates or colleagues, keeping this fact in mind the social networking online proves to be a great way to stay wired.

With the rapid increase in the usage of the Internet in the past few years, many innovative web phenomenons have evolved. Social networking websites is one such successful phenomenon. These kinds of websites are essentially meant for social networking. A social network consists of various nodes. These nodes are responsible that connects different people with each other. In this case of online social network, it develops with the websites acting as nodes. The nodes might be some distinct websites. This results in the fact that people meet each other in the virtual online world with the help of these nodes and come to know each other better. It is not so different from the real life social networking. The social networking websites provide the same purpose as a coffee house or a lounge of a club or a workplace where people meet each other.

When it comes to online social network, websites are used. Many websites are known as social networking websites which offer their users services that prove to be beneficial for them. These websites are, in a way, like an online community of potential internet users.

Networking has been re-moulded into the form of digital interaction by these community websites. Before the social networking websites boom, the people were limited to socialising with local peers who they met on daily basis and businesses interacting in person only when life’s burdens were laid off for a few moments in life.

However today, every individual can reach anyone around the world at any point of time of the day. People no longer have to be present in the same room as your loved ones to enjoy social networking. The users have an option of now leaving a message that your friend or associate can read later on at considering their own convenience. These social networking websites are helpful for business networking. A lot of savings can be done if online social networking is used more than face to face meetings. Business enterprises have now accepted this technology as a means of communication. The online social network is a great boon to these companies. It has become so convenient for everyone to communicate to anyone around the world, join communities which will update one with topics of interest.

There are number of reasons why these online social networking websites are so successful and profitable for the users, firstly, people can stay in touch with ones, whom it is not possible to speak to frequently. Secondly, people can make contacts which may help them in their business or anything else, thirdly, people can make new friends, fourthly people can create an impact on others perspective, the reasons are endless as the online social Networking is the best thing that could ever happen.

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