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Ever post a photo on a blog that ended a job? Ever write something on your MySpace that got you in trouble? Brain dump and risque photos on Social Networking sites and Blogs can lead a person to disaster and even to jail. www.IDTheftSecurity.com
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  1. djohhnsonian1 says:

    if you have an iphone, remove the geotags and other data from them before you share with Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor. It’s free on the App Store. It can’t help you if you post embarrassing pictures, but at least it can help people not be able to find you…And, it’s free so why not use it.

  2. sideplate53 says:

    yea the control facebook has over the users is sometimes scary but can also help people in the right situation. Such as if someone got threatened they can contact FB for help on a threat or crime someone mightove done.

  3. joinkaioo says:

    We’d better leave Facebook and all the other commercial social networks and join kaioo instead. That’s a social community where the users have full control over the Privacy terms. And kaioo donates all advertising revenue to charities chosen by its users.

    Isn’t that a good reason to say bye to all the other social networks?

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