Social Networking in Plain English

commoncraft.com A short explanation of social networking websites and why they are popular. This video comes in an unbranded “presentation quality” version that can be licensed for use in the workplace. http
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  1. pde2010 says:

    All this social media crap sucks!!! there is a real world out there you know, getting out there & meeting people – “real” people, you won’t see life sitting in a social media bubble (which could burst anytime now) where the computer saps your energy away!! Get a life before its too late!!!!!!!!

  2. Nautilus1972 says:

    Why would anyone leave Chicago and go to Santa Fe? The Bears are in Chicago.

  3. Nilllush says:

    חדשש! להרוויח מלשבת מול מפייסבוק ועוד אחלה אפליקציה של שיתוף וידאו, כל צפייה של חבר/ה בוידאו שבחרת לשתף מכניסה לך כסף.. אז יאללה חפשו wallstream בפייסבוק!

  4. TheChumichka says:

    The big possibilities for all. Wellcom to NSP.


  5. clayton46 says:

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  6. johno7g6co says:

    Just came across your video on networking. You explain it very well and in a unique way. I also came across a bookmark and pinging software that automates social networking to help any site get higher ranking. I created a couple videos that show it in action.

  7. ca0kims14 says:

    Networking is so useful in everyday life. The presentations with the cuts made this video fun and entertaining to watch

  8. ca0matty15 says:

    Very interesting and informative. Thanks for telling me all about it. I know for a fact that it’ll be useful.

  9. ca0chrisp14 says:

    The social Networking is very useful. It has so much benefits and you did great in presenting it to me. I am excited to use it and thanks!

  10. MrEatPotatoes says:

    Yeah I’m working on a social network right now. But it’s also going to be a useful analytical tool.

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  11. MissATete says:

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  12. foster2367 says:

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  13. MIGHTYMAITE9 says:

    Looks like I wasn’t the first to think of this Follow me @MAITEMILLER ! (I follow back) just FYI! (almost instantly) I like twitting new people stuff so prepare to get a few from me!! (especially if you have a cool twitter name)

  14. Awsmnation says:

    follow me ;D

  15. FireStormBaller says:

    I try adding a person in Facebook. He goes, “who the hell are you?” And I said, “You don’t know me? I’m your friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s friend.”

  16. fuseloop says:

    Sweet video!

  17. gariouscom says:

    Wow! I love the way you presented it specially the paper cuts ahah. keep it up!

  18. SocialNetworkingHQ says:

    Short, concise, and interesting. Well done!

  19. QuenbyLyon says:


  20. WorkWithMorgan says:

    you guys need to make more of these! Any plans for some new ones?

  21. VirtualAssistantv says:

    I really like your presentation Lee Lefever. It is very clear and straight to the point.

    Oh by the way, I subscribed to your videos. Cool!!! keep it up!!

  22. grace1081 says:

    i liked the video but …. 🙁 waste of paper!

  23. dbowen73 says:

    Thanks for the video! I just saw one about how to sign up for twitter.

  24. ingargrasko says:

    plain and simple:)

  25. AlexMixXL says:

    the best social network socialnet.my1.ru

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