Social Networking: Cyber Bullying

Created for BPA by Tyler Cawyer, Emily Matthews, Jared Abbott and Caitlyn Thompson.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Eusemaster says:

    The best way to resolve cyber bullying is just to not give a fuck about some random guy over the internet

  2. Princesscheedorable says:

    It was your choice to read it

  3. Princesscheedorable says:

    I think it is sad that people are so scared and lazy that they hide behind the Internet and they don’t care enough to say it to your face….

  4. mathewonjackass says:

    When will people realize that the best way to ignore internet bullying is to just ignore it?

  5. Casey J says:


  6. Smosh Fan says:

    I hate cyber bullying im also being bullied and told rude stuff in fantage chirrioz with someone called beliez

  7. MadGamerPro says:

    WOW nyarok Your Such mean somepeople really have this problem youve got the virus the cyberbulling virus

  8. cj222100 says:

    Although everyone had the internet when I was a teen,there was no facebook,twitter,or any other means of cyberbulling-back then, people never put personal info on the net & if you did,like in a chat room or whatever,people assumed you were a weirdo or something. So it was much more random. People are way ballsier & brazen in the safety of being behind a computer screen then they’d be otherwise.

  9. lolcakes0148 says:

    That makes a TON of since to say that on a Cyber Bullying video. .-.

  10. Denny Slovinsk says:

    Love you too, honey. 🙂

  11. Denny Slovinsk says:

    I hope your mum gets suffocated, your dad gets hung and your sibling get pushed from a 200m cliff. HAHAHA
    And after on you will become bullied because of that.
    Then my words will be: Screw you faggot. I can do and say what I want. ;)))

  12. Denny Slovinsk says:

    I wish you where one of the bullied victims.

  13. miley0093 says:

    And no, i will never cut myself. I’m smarter and stronger than that! 

  14. miley0093 says:

    Some people that Bully others might not know what harm they’re doing to others. I am just a person, like everyone else here, I could be a victim of Bullying/ Cyber Bullying some day, but as of now, I am not.
    As time goes by the Bully starts to get more aggressive to the other person, and then takes it too far……..the person receiving end of this, might end up doing something that the Bully will regret making the other person do…

  15. miley0093 says:

    You know you’re being a bully. right?

  16. Holtkai1 says:

    Bro bullying is scandalis

  17. elliestorm75 says:

    I have recently been bullied and still am being bullied emotionally, physically, and by internet. Trust me it doesn’t feel good. I have to see a counselor about it. I have been going all week and am feeling better already. It may be scary at first but u get use to it. Stay strong

  18. sk8er630 says:

    I was unapproachably cyber bullies

  19. Charleigh Kirby says:

    I told some one my name (charleigh) (char-lee) soem one asked me who gave me that name ur sexually abusive father… I said no… My aunt

  20. Bella Phoenix says:

    I’m 22 and I’m proud to be out if the teen scene

  21. gillians2000 says:

    In sixth grade and i get every bullie thing in the book!!!!

  22. daddyoso90 says:

    MySpace lol

  23. Brittany Rayne says:

    haha myspace! but girl I feel your pain… live strong

  24. Cvntnelius II says:

    Taking the internet seriously is for overly sensitive twats. Bunch of worthless whiny teenage cunts.

  25. talx927 says:

    it so sad :-*

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