Social Networking Causes Brain Damage, Jealousy, and Cancer

Facebook and Bebo risk ‘infantilising’ the human mind, Susan Greenfield, Graph: Internet Population Distributio, The Golden Week has begun, Ladies and Gentle…
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  1. HAMHATTAN says:

    Totally true´╗┐

  2. Rocketboom says:

    nah, this is rocketboom!

  3. Lauren Willson says:

    lol that girl is proper widening her eyes u can tell XD

  4. Gabriela Gagnier says:

    @deppressed1 look into it, there is a way to permanently deactivate it. I
    know cause I did it. “Brain killer” is a perfect way to describe it. lol

  5. socialnetworkaddicts says:

    Why cancer i dont really get. I guess the virtue of being online or surfing
    facebook is hated by the most and making others hate too. Haters’ Gonna

  6. Sandy Lima says:

    Susan Greenfield rocks!

  7. Mike carss says:

    lmfao Canada is between South Korea and Italy lol go us

  8. kbakken says:

    Dextear: Youtube is a social networking site. Video sharing, although the
    major use of the site, is just one of the ways you can communicate on it.
    Communication with others = Social Networking.

  9. flare765 says:

    lol you want a real problem,look at online video games

  10. wendighoul says:

    Wow, hateful and irrelevant, combine that with the most ill-advised screen
    name ever and you’ve got the ultimate YouTube comment douchebag.

  11. Seedr0 says:

    xzibit meme? wat?

  12. metalisgod565 says:

    ever wanna laugh

  13. benedictul says:

    I just have to post this on my wall.

  14. Rex Holes says:

    I can’t seem to be in a relationship without jealousy ruining it. I use
    Facebook though not every day. I just think it’s a waste but I can’t help
    it and it makes women that are attracted to me lose interest. How can I
    help it?

  15. enydnightshade says:

    to add., it could be four times worse

  16. SabreTooth123 says:


  17. getconnecting says:

    Great video. Very quirky.

  18. MJDreamWalker13 says:

    YouTube is not a social network as such. If you care about your credibility
    you should at least check the dictionary and look up the definition of
    social network. Besides, how are they a necessity or how are they going to
    make you aware of the world around you? I think what you put is a load of
    bullcrap here, but I’m giving you a chance to explain. I’d be surprised if
    you did.

  19. kixxxl says:

    as I always saying SOCIAL NETWORKING don’t causes a thing and if anyone
    thinks so he/she is dumb

  20. Jim Bobbert says:

    AMAZING! Finally the truth is let lose!

  21. djlukamegamixZ says:

    funny how this video is posted on a social networking site

  22. mattyabsley says:

    Agree with the “pretty” comments. Tbh i watched it and really didnt care
    what she was talking about…… smiles…. hehe.

  23. MadeB says:

    i don’t think Hulu transmits in China, so no competition there….

  24. aurora990 says:

    WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! YOU CAN socialize in social networks and with people
    equally. you need to keep a balance of both online and offline social
    activity and skills. it is as simple as visiting your friends, your family
    and even talk to strangers.

  25. enydnightshade says:

    to add., it could be four times worse

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