Social networking business content face the enterprise risk

Social networking business content face the enterprise risk

Article by Alice

Symantec today announced the 2011 vote to protect Social Media quickly survey “(Symantec 2011 Social Media Protection Flash Poll) results. The survey for the enterprise how to prevent for use social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter and other online BBS, etc) and the negative effects. Vote results show that: social media in the enterprise internal exists generally, therefore IT departments should attach importance to the enterprise. General enterprise have the experience of nine categories of social media event, such as last year have staff public upload confidential information, etc. Among them, 94% of the enterprise so reputation losses suffered by the customer trust,, data loss or drop negative effects such as the income decrease.

Along with the enterprise are increasingly using social networking and our customers, partners and employees share business related information, confidential information is the risk of public also increases accordingly. For companies, to obtain social information proper control is very important, which can meet the demand, and the public record industry rules, for example, U.S. financial industry regulatory bureau (FINRA) 10-in the amendment supervision needs, and possible electronic search (eDiscovery) request, etc.

According to Gartner predict company, by the end of 2013, 50% of the enterprise will be required from the social media materials used in electronic search requests. Filing software solutions can help enterprise give employee on business use of social media permission, and to ensure that enterprise preservation, search and found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, SharePoint and blogs, social tool in the specific content.

Symantec information management group product management senior director Greg Muscarella said: “all enterprise all know protection and preservation E-mail, instant messaging, electronic form and other unstructured information is the important how. Now, they need to realize that the spread of information in social networks are also important. Symantec help enterprises in through social networks continue to use and share information at the same time, capture and saved in legal and regulatory objective information.”

Symantec, according to the survey, 82% of the enterprise at least are discussing implementation filing solutions, and then collect, store and found through social media transmission of sensitive information. They also discussed formulated in such as social media use policies and staff training program and other measures. However, fewer than a quarter of the enterprise the real technical or policy into practice.

The survey found, most of the last year of the enterprise in social media events, the following three types of events was highest:

L employees in public BBS share too much information (46%)

L confidential information lost or disclose (41%)

L litigation increase (37%)

The survey in enterprise, more than 90% of the enterprise through social media event, but also by negative impact as follows:

L falling share prices (average loss: 38401)

L litigation cost cost (average loss: 0361)

L direct economic losses (average loss: 1993)

L brand reputation losses/customer trust to decrease (average loss: 8496)

L income decrease (average loss: 9360)

Greg Muscarella also said: “this is what we in the Enterprise Vault 10 supplements the cause of the new function. Enterprise Vault 10 will be launched in the end of the summer, it can help Enterprise preservation, search and found that in addition to e-mails and other unstructured data outside of the social networking site is located in the information on the education and training staff. Reasonable use social media to meet the needs of the business and full preparation for technology are equally important.”

Symantec’s advice

L with all the enterprise spread, define how to use social media and training staff issued appropriate information

L clear and to understand its own industry specific laws or regulations demand, the implementation of the related policy, so as to further emphasize the preservation of the provisions of the social networking site content

L allows computer automatic acquisition and deployment of the contents of the social network file save solution for rules and regulations should be so strict industry especially

L deployment of data loss protection solution, thus provides another layer to prevent confidential information and patent material from the company passed down on social networks

Symantec about social media protection fast vote survey

Symantec social media fast vote survey is the protection of Applied Research company in April 2011 results of the study. The survey’s target includes a large (the number of employees more than 5000 people), medium (the number of employees between 2500-4999-small (the number of employees from 1000-2400-enterprise is responsible for computer, network and the technology of the resources IT and executives. The report aims to test enterprise how to take measures to protect the social network against the negative effects. Subjects include from North America, EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), the asia-pacific and Latin American region of 1225 people in 33 countries.

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