Social Networking –A key to quality website traffic.

Social Networking –A key to quality website traffic.

Article by Jibril Inusa

I always look at internet marketing as one of the best means of marketing any product, because of its huge audience rate, and its world wide appeal. Recently the world of internet has been hit by the beauty of social networking, the beauty of this online service, is that it helps friends, families, Co-workers and even Social groups, come together easily, for communication, keeping in touch and sharing information, through the umbrella of social network sites.

In 2005 Mark Zuckaberg, lunched the facebook.com, and in less than 10 years, the social network site, can boast of millions of subscribers across the world, exchanging information, more easily and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. The site has really taken the world by a storm, seeing politicians even use the platform to keep in touch with their loyalists and faithful. Recently I was posting message into the wall of the president of Nigeria, something that would have been very difficult, but with the beauty of social network sites is that, I can keep in touch with all government policies, as well as submit my personal views about them, which will also be useful to the government at the other end.

Apart from this beautiful feature of social networking and connecting with friends, Social media can be a very effective means of advertising a product, service or website. Taking Face book as a case study, one can easily grow, very dedicated mailing list from face book, using the website applications, like Fan Page or a face book group.

Apart from that, if you have a large number of friends in your face book account, then the job of marketing has been made easier for you, because, with a single click you can post a message to the wall of all your friends, when they like or comment on your post, it automatically send a viral effect across, because friends of your friends will see what their friend comment on or liked, and face book, will always offer this post to a large network of friends and mutual friends, which will in turn boos your website publicity.

Make sure you include your website link on any face book post, by so doing you will generate a very solid back link to your website, increasing your website traffic, and thus increasing your Google Adsense revenue as well as affiliate sales.

There are basic skills on how to build your social reach on face book, but I will consider the free method here, and this is to try as much as possible to attract thousands of friends to your face book, so that they can form a good marketing out reach for your website, blog, product or service. You can easily build a face book group, where you can add members that share similar interest, after growing your group, you can now offer your website to them for more details about the niche which has made them join your group.

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Jibril Ellams, is an Engineer, a renowned marketer, and Sports agent, he has taken time to come up with proven and workable theories, to assist every one succeed in making money online. Visit my Online Business School, to get first class information on how to start a profitable home business. EASYWEALTHBANK.COM and also how to succeed in all your online marketing campaigns.

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