Social Network Of Idiots : Foamy The Squirrel

Because being social now requires a keyboard…

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  1. RealityLovesDespair says:

    if you control who you add and add whom you actaully wish to be their freind. And the assholes who add people who they don’t know.

  2. andiesilly12 says:


  3. jstynsktr says:

    Pilz-E had to many pills at 0:52

  4. bludman2 says:

    @Highhor i didn’t see a squirrel die but i saw people die

  5. 1zangoose says:

    im a nuclear fucking cake bite me and go fucking die!

  6. TessaChristinaHHI says:

    Yeah, well, I’m an asbestos-lined cake filled with glass and syringes!

  7. D3w10n says:

    @Highhor Screw that dude, did you see Germaine gives handjob to decapitated man? O.o

  8. Starscream66778 says:

    There was horror sex going on in the window in the background, she jacked off his beheaded zombie Bf……

  9. Starscream66778 says:

    @MakoRuu Yes……Yes, she did……

  10. DaniaOMGWania says:

    Foamy is clearly INTJ lol

  11. SkilzzGuy20 says:

    I have a facebook, and people do shit like I, Foamy, and pretty much every person who has commented hates like HELL. If you want to use my page as an ad for your ointment company, you can go shove your dick into a bear trap and let buzzards pick inside your rectum for food,

  12. SkilzzGuy20 says:

    Also, you’re not saving the fucking world by using my page to show some fucking ad from under the couch cushion!! Don’t send fucking useless comments!!! I don’t give a shit if your cousin just ate ice cream!! NOBODY ON THE FUCKING PLANET DOES!!!! I DON’T WANT TO FUCKING KNOW WHAT TYPE OF FRUIT I AM!! I’M A ROTTEN ORANGE WITH BRAINS, GUTS, SPIDERS, AND THE UNDEAD ON THE INSIDE!! BITE MY FUCKING ASS! I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE TRYING TO “SAVE THE WORLD” BY LEGALIZING POT!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  13. SkilzzGuy20 says:

    Every time someone’s like, “OH MY GOD!! I HAVE 20 FRIENDS!! LET’S PARTY!!!”, I get so annoyed. Can you just leave me the fuck alone? I don’t care if you have 20 fucking friends. Obama has over a billion, and 99.9999999% of them he doesn’t even fucking know! As foamy said, “IT’S NOT A FUCKING POPULARITY CONTEST, ASSHOLES!!” The only time I’m gonna look for fucking random quizzes that don’t have a fucking thing to do with what I’m doing is when I’m bored!!

  14. Winchester85 says:

    Finally! I thought I was the only one who hated those stupid quizes and games on facebook. I also hate the people that are like “I have over 2,000 friends!” This is not a popularity contest you morons. Friend the people you know, not some random cheese dick who wouldn’t even look at you twice outside of a computer.

  15. smeetel says:


  16. Newlife5586 says:

    the background is a whole other story….

  17. kevcop250 says:

    Germaine deserves to be treated better…

  18. MakoRuu says:

    Did Germaine get her ass cummed on at 1:16 ?

  19. GracieMoore says:

    My favorite rant, personally.

  20. ThePocketKoi says:

    I’m on facebook – or rather, I have a facebook, and it’s in existance – and ALL of the foamy-mentioned problems of facebook and other such sites are ALL valid.

    I keep facebook to – once every two weeks – to write or read letters to and from my REAL friends and family.

    ALSO….what’s going on in the window, is really wiggin’ me out.

  21. TheMafia9110 says:

    what’s going in tha window

  22. AlWayZFrE3 says:

    This is the exact reason my facebook has only twenty ish friends. Fuckin’ bastards XD

  23. Troyzgab123 says:

    Poor Pilz-E too much medication is bad for you!

  24. LukeJazStone says:

    well he got what he always wanted, then she got what she wanted, win! win! plus we got to think about why facebook sucks. and a little jiggly butt for the eyecandy seekers. finally the squirrel killed himself and the other ranted in the background. another emo dead… big surprise. wow! he had a lot of fluids built up, so maybe she could have used him regularly, if he wasn’t a stalker

  25. Lexio3031 says:

    Same here.

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