Social Network Marketing For Maximum Website Success

Social network marketing For Maximum Website Success

Recently I have seen the light and started to test out various different methods of social network marketing. And I must say that I have gone from unconvinced to spreading the word of social marketing.

OK, so what is this all about? It is quite simply about using free social network sites to promote your online business, website or services. Sign up to a free service and, within the boundaries of what they allow, you can be promoting your business.

One such method is obviously Facebook. The owners of this website have created a special type of account for business holders to sign up to. With so many people using Facebook it is quite easy to get current customers to become fans of yours. They can then keep up with your latest news, offers and goings on through Facebook.

With the amount of times that users of this system log on to view their messages, by posting regular information your messages will be on show to them frequently, for just the effort of making a few simple posts, or writing on the wall as it is known.

The big benefit of this sort of promotional work is that it is absolutely free and you are giving the people what they want. They are visiting Facebook to read about what other people are doing and you are telling them what it is you are offering. They are therefore susceptible to reading messages, so are likely to see and read what it is you have to say. You are hitting them with a suitable message just at the point they want to read it. And this is free!


Twitter is just as good and useful, but I have also experimented with this a lot more on the technical side. Here you are just posting small messages of up to 140 characters at a time – the same length as a standard mobile phone text message.

People searching Twitter might happen across your messages, Tweets as they are known. If they are interested in what you have to say they might follow you and it is often courtesy to follow them back. Others might follow you because they have noticed that you have similar interests or because they already know about you. Some will follow you in the hope you follow them back so that they can promote their message to you, showing that the marketing system works.

When you set-up a Twitter account it is important to find a few suitable people to follow. Once you start following people and Tweeting, people are more likely to find and follow you. It is these people that are reading your Tweets and maybe starting to buy your products.

But as well as the direct marketing, search engines will also see the posts and any links you include. It is a way of directing search engines into your site, another reason to have a go at social networking.

These methods are both free to use and well worth having a go at. If you have not already tried one,


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