Social Network Marketing Ethics

Social network marketing Ethics

As a business website owner, you must maintain integrity. Many of the social networking websites are
engaged in unethical behavior contributed by the website owners, which is a major drawback when trying to
market your products and services. There are many methods, which you as a responsible website owner
can establish the behavior performed on your business website.

Respect the privacy of people online

You must remain focused that while using social network marketing in your marketing toolbox for your
products and/or services that you’re involved with actual people that are internet users often referred to
as a community. Based on this community, your business will be a part of it but there’s no room for you to
invade people’s privacy. Do not send spam ever, this includes your friends, their friends and their friends
friends, etc.

The choices for your social networking strategies

Many marketers participate in social sites like FaceBook and MySpace with a plan to drive traffic to their
business websites. This is the ethical way however; spamming the social community with images or links in
order to lure them to your business website is unethical and will eventually by noticed by Google or other
search engines.

Do not spam people with ads to your business website


Social networking websites are very in tune and current with spamming practices, which are noticed as
unethical and will eliminate those who habitually perform such methods for their social media marketing.

Always be professional and honest with the online communities

To successfully use social networking as a method with integrity you need to participate ethically as a
member within the online communities. You need to register with that specific community in order to
become a member of the online community. Be a participant within the online groups, which are related to
your area of expertise or products and services, which your business offers. You want to make friends
within this online community while proving yourself an expert within the particular field, which you are
offering products and services.

Publish quality content on the social networking website

You will need to publish quality content upon these particular social networking websites. Avoid shoving
your products and services down the throats of the online community. Never mislead or give incorrect
information referencing your products and services.

Examples of unethical social networking behavior

A great example of such unethical behavior is leaving a blog or post within the online community while
disguising to be a customer endorsing your own products and services. Honesty is the best policy with the
online community, which you belong to that gives you the ability to explain your products and services. The
decision is up to the online community to view your products and services as compared to spamming them

Never belittle your competitors. Never point out shortcomings of them either. You can however, specify
what makes your products and services different from your competition.

There are no set guidelines on ethical practices with online social network marketing however; you will need
to educate yourself with media law while knowing the potential dangers of defamation as well as invading
people’s privacy. Conduct yourself professionally as well as intellectually. If you follow these
guidelines of what not to perform, you will thrive in your goal of becoming successful.


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