Social Media Rocks: Google Plus Vs. Facebook Plus?

GOOGLE PLUS VS FACEBOOK PLUS Google has announced their new Social Network, Google+ (‘Plus’) which attempts to distance itself from Facebook with a raft of original features. in this video guide we look at how they can have an impact on SEO and the way we communicate online. Oh and when you get in… Circle Me 😉 plus.google.com
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  1. impactgreatness says:

    Social media is a good way of promoting business and goals in life. Others used it as personal only exclusively for friends and relatives. Some like me, use social media for business and propagating information about leadership, coaching and all related about that.

  2. Santello22 says:

    i know this is a random trol, but lately i really wish i could just mute the freck out of 70 to 80% of the people. To much non-informative bullshit. Not directed at you Keith in any way….ijust mean it as to the shit on social media in general.

  3. StbI990 says:

    @Ashirette Lmao ok, lets try with bitch, suit your taste any better now?… sheez y u so mad?

  4. Ashirette says:

    DON’T CALL ME HONEY. Hate that just as much as I hate “Ashley”. Especially since you’re a creeper.

  5. KeithMcElwain says:

    Those who master the “complicated” tools first, become very successful :^)

  6. agungbayuiswara says:

    @Shiryd thats why facebook win, most of people don’t really care about who see their status, and bore with many regulation. when i upload my video on youtube or post on my blog, i never get a heed who can see my video or my blog post. i already use google circle from the day it launched, but i have no interest to use it anymore. beside all of my friend on facebook. For me, google plus is quite complicated.

  7. Avatarpromoable says:

    Thanks for the invite!! Keith!

  8. KeithMcElwain says:

    @gameslayerful They all do the SAME thing differently. The one who caters to the audience best – wins.

  9. gameslayerful says:

    who gives a shit about these 3 companies, they all do different things

  10. gariouscom says:

    Wow! You discussed it clearly! SEO + Social Media = Google+

  11. MastermindGroup1906 says:

    @KeithMcElwain need invite bertellnoble@gmail.com

  12. snoppy4618 says:

    could anyone invite me to google plus plz =) javiermarcial2@gmail.com =)

  13. HaatoSK says:

    So if your friends searched for porn.. you will now see it ? 😀 thats just wrong lol

  14. HaatoSK says:

    Could you send me invite ? xdmarky@gmail.com thanks

  15. MoreCleanFun says:

    @HitMakerSolo Perhaps.

  16. HitMakerSolo says:

    @MoreCleanFun Social networking.. will never die as long the internet lives.. you’re naive.

  17. SingLoid says:

    Google+ is the WAY OF THE FUTURE! Its got games now. ewe

  18. Kidrio says:

    GREAT Presentation – Check out my site and let me know what we can do together. Jan Landy, President, SoundBroker

  19. Shiryd says:

    @Shiryd i speak spanglish so sorry me 😀

  20. Shiryd says:

    – You don’t need user aproval to put someone in ur circle
    – If you share something, you can decide which circle(s) can see it
    – You can videochat with 10 friends

    – You need the aproval to add someone
    – If you share something, ALL will see it. Yep, who don’t add you too.
    – With luck you can textchat with 1 friend.


  21. impactgreatness says:

    Both social media platforms have its pros and cons, one app has strengths from the other one. Although they both compete, but what matters is that you can still connect with different people.

    Currently using both apps right now and its fine with me!
    Thanks for this video!

  22. MoreCleanFun says:

    When you’re ready to completely give up on real life; Google +

    When is the last time you got a blowjob over the internet? Real social networking takes place outside. Why settle for a virtual life?

    These people make a lot of money off of you sitting at your desk, getting fatter and older. So ya, they’re going to pitch their next money maker like it’s the second coming.

    Besides, social networking is on its way out. Google missed this boat by about decade.

  23. PretearGirl14 says:

    Google will become even more popular with the fact that there’ going to be Google+. To me, that’s a great thing. 🙂

  24. KeithMcElwain says:

    @badboyg316 Send me your gmail address to my inbox and I’ll shoot it out right away. And sorry about google adsense – I guess no one is perfect…

  25. badboyg316 says:

    @KeithMcElwain Yea send me a invite so i can see this, also i have seen the movie to. I used that Google Ad Sense before on my site, then google ban me because my domain was a “3rd Party” (it was a .webs site). That is why i dont trust google that much.

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