Social Media Revolution in India

This video details facts of Indian media history merging with the Social Media India scenario. Video is ideated and produced by Sorav Jain (Thinker in chief of Echovme). Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Contact Details: Sorav: www.soravjain.com +91-9791134451 Echovme www.echovme.com +91-44-42144363

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  1. r0hand says:

    Awesome video ! thanks.

  2. TheSaiRao says:

    Do update the video with the latest stats or rather create one for 2012, please! 🙂

  3. markvozzo says:

    If you like stats, check out the latest figures on how India’s businesses are embracing mobile. Infographic titled ‘Moving Towards a Mobile Enterprise – The Journey of India Inc.’ published by Salesforce(dot)com July 2011

    To find it, Google “India Moving Towards a Mobile Enterprise”

  4. ZenCartEasyHelp says:

    Great video!  Set up your ecommerce business for free with our Easy Help Zen Cart Tutorials:

  5. laxman0620008 says:

    @soravjain: OK… I didnt mean to redicule.. I just commented.. as Youtube is social media for open discussion too. I know abt social media, it is quite effective.. I live in Finland and here many events are organised purely through social media.. even marketing.. Also Blogging, twitter & Web 2.0 are also good great tools… I was hoping to find some facts about Social Networking effects on society in India in general.. Please include such information too if you have.. Thanks for information..

  6. soravjain says:

    Thanks Rishi!

  7. soravjain says:

    Thanks Saurav!

  8. soravjain says:

    Dear Laxman! Please understand the context of this video! I am trying to portray the growth that India has showcased in every Media form and giving a wake up call to marketers who thinks Social Media is a fad.. Thanks!

  9. soravjain says:

    Thanks a lot for the kind words there :)

  10. kcnumbernine says:

    Good information and sophisticated stuff!!

  11. laxman0620008 says:

    There is revolution going on in almost all countries in Middle East because of Social networks. If it were so popular in india, some changes in society should happen in India too..

  12. laxman0620008 says:

    what u should have mentioned is what kind of changes happened in the society because of Social networks

  13. laxman0620008 says:

    India has highest population in the world, so of course no. of users for everything will be the highest in the world. Everybody in the world knows that.. There is no need mention that again & again.. Even though u mention that it is it is our culture to network & socialize.. & we have highest population in the world. u dont recognize the fact that all these social networking ideas & sites came from outside india… u should also try to see other side of the coin..

  14. sauravjicm says:

    Fantastic Video, really liked a video like this made with Indian facts!!

  15. sauravjicm says:

    Fantastic Video, really liked a video like this made with Indian facts!!

  16. rishijain1947 says:

    This is a fantastic video! Good Job Sorav

  17. soravjain says:

    Its because the crowd is Japanese and it might not sell to them 🙂

  18. yoshifuji9 says:

    I promote it through my Japanese twitter account @BizSurfing. But it seemed not to work at all.

  19. soravjain says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂 I am glad you liked it

  20. yoshifuji9 says:

    Great work! Rich content help me to understand social media in India.

  21. soravjain says:

    Hi  thanks for your kind words! Its a 4 months effort that is here in front of you 🙂

  22. soravjain says:

    Hi @viju1211 thanks for your kind words! Its a 4 months effort that is here in front of you 🙂

  23. viju1211 says:

    its fantastic…. how u hve done it????? its really very appreciable work… lots of information…

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