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BLASTmedia.com – Are you looking for a social media marketing firm to handle your next campaign? Let the agency with a proven track record of social media success handle it. The social media team at BLASTmedia “social media” BLASTmedia “social media youtube” “marketing with youtube” “youtube marketing” “social media agency” “social media firm” “pr firm” “public relations firm” “public relations agency” vseo “video SEO” “youtube video optimization” “youtube secret weapon” “julie perry” “blake fife” Social Media Marketing with YouTube – BLASTmedia The social media team at BLASTmedia has a wealth of experience creating successful YouTube marketing campaigns for our clients — from major consumer tech companies to small businesses and start ups. Whether your company’s goal is list-building and lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), or simply increasing your social media presence and interactivity, BLASTmedia knows how to make sure you maximize PROFIT with every YouTube video you upload. : : BLASTmedia.com : : Also skilled at social media outreach via YouTube, BLASTmedia can help get your product into the hands of some of the top influencers YouTube has to offer. The results we’ve achieved for our clients in the way of increased exposure, traffic, and conversion (yes, SALES!) is astounding. Contact BLASTmedia today to read some of our case studies! Led by YouTube expert Julie Perry (the featured YouTube expert in Entrepreneur Magazine’s latest book “Success Secrets

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  1. OnlineMarketing20 says:

    The video was good and it was short and simple.

  2. ITzzmeeeYaa says:

    For marketing updates…..visit my blog: itzmarketingtoday.blogspot.com

  3. virtualassistant11 says:

    Yantram is the social media marketing and content writing division of Submit Express, the leading search engine optimization company since 2000. With ten years of SEO and search engine marketing experience. We can build your brand, loyalty, customer base and much more.

  4. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @gariouscom Amen, Aaron.

  5. gariouscom says:

    i agree that many Social media marketers overlook the power of youtube, they concentrated in facebook and twitter too much.

  6. IMProductsReviewed1 says:

    Hey #UN#,

    This was a pretty cool vid.

  7. VirtualAssistantv says:

    The Main Online Marketing strategy! Great for any type of business, may it be big or small. @BLASTmediaPR Can I ask where did you guys get the statistics? (if you don’t mind) =)

  8. VirtualAssistantv says:

    great video and the voice over is awesome. indeed youtube is perfect for business and i believe it makes the business human.

  9. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @ThaHotCoolDude Many thanks!

  10. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @NakevaCorothers Thanks, Nakeva — happy to hear you liked it!

  11. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @SocialMediaManagerMs We appreciate your feedback. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!

  12. NakevaCorothers says:

    Well done!

  13. ThaHotCoolDude says:

    Your video clip is excellent, and full of useful content for viewers

  14. fightthemwithkarma says:

    I HATE the voiceover. Nice motion graphics.

  15. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @pmadesk Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate it.

  16. pmadesk says:


  17. amplivoxsound says:

    great video. I like the inclusion of “Where the Hell is Matt”. we started uploading Youtube videos to our channel this summer and have already seen our views reach into the thousands for products you wouldn’t think would do well like lecterns and portable sound systems.

    Just goes to show… if you upload it, they will come

  18. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @PierrePieroh Thanks, Pierre – so happy you enjoyed it.

  19. PierrePieroh says:

    Well done! Thumbs up!

  20. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @ThePolypop Many thanks!

  21. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @greenliondigital Appreciate the feedback — thanks for passing it along!

  22. greenliondigital says:

    I liked it! Sharing it now!

  23. ThePolypop says:

    ***** Super cool video *****
    *Super info

  24. ALLCASTcoUK says:

    Hi, great video !
    If you ever need to use outside video editing service ( UK )- please give me a call, I specialise in low cost video for Social Media broadcasting.
    best wishes

  25. BLASTmediaPR says:

    @curtmaly Thanks, Curt — happy to hear you like it! We appreciate the pass along.

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