Social media marketing is like going Beyonce on your customers.

Play the long game!
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  1. Benjamin Banks says:

    Right on, people are looking for the quick buck the Grodon Gekko deal. People are getting mesmerised by big numbers and big ideas. You want to sell, sell your customers on the fact you’ll still be here in 5 years not 5 minutes after they leave.

  2. Frank Bernardo says:

    So, Gary how do you articulate to the client that wants results with out the long haul, I have seen short terms goals met and most take longer, most of my clients dont seem to be able to hang in there.

  3. Moneytized says:

    Huge fan, keep it up 😉

  4. Jamie Seaux says:

    Love the idea, but animation goes too fast. Would be interesting to see something other than words along with your words. Not word for word on what you are talking about, but pictures/animation that would be interesting to go along with it.

  5. Dan Girard says:

    I love that your message is always consistent…consistently brutal, consistently honest, consistently accurate. My bro Adam Dukes turned me on to your shit and I LOVE IT! Keep up the great work!

  6. Baris Kocdur says:

    Superb idea to visualize what you say in conferences like that. You are doing right

  7. Edward McIntyre says:

    Truth, it’s a shame corporations have commitment issues.

  8. Ryan Wakefield says:

    I like the format – but if it was used every video it would get really old. But for a change up – I think it is great. Gives you a chance to really highlight key points.

  9. rav122 says:

    Great video Gary always keeping it real! have a great week my man

  10. Marketing Mercenary says:

    I don’t like the “every word you say appears on-screen” videos. I don’t need to read a script when I listen to the radio. (Ben Requena had a good suggestion.)

  11. TheSalonGuy says:

    If you like it put a comment on it!!!! As always Gary amazing man!!

  12. Bryant Keefe says:

    The message is fine. Given a choice between this format or you talking I will take you talking. The read along does not captivate me.

  13. CmKota says:

    Put a f’ing ring on it baby!!!!!!! How …???

  14. tinydova says:


  15. Brian Morgan says:

    Gary, most of the 20, 30ish crowd think they understand business and marketing etc. They inherently ‘know this’ because they think their generation is the first to ever do business… Radio Shack just learned that building ‘rapport’ (via small talk and exploring needs) was more important than converting every customer visit into a Cellular Phone Sale. How many successful business books have been written? Maybe an APP will replace real learning, ha.

  16. Bartek Maliszewski says:


  17. Mercedes Teale says:

    Love it love it love it!!!

  18. Debbie Elicksen says:

    Love it! Fighting the urge to send this to every advertising agency in Canada. lol.

  19. Jane Frankland says:

    Social media marketing & going Beyone….Brilliant. That so made me laugh!

  20. Ben Requena says:

    The message of the video is great. The design not so much.

    From a design perspective this is purely animated captioning. There’s so much potential for the animation to help tell the story. Adding graphics that the text interacts with or in lieu of certain words is a start. Think less Kinetic Typography and more Animated Infographic.

    Just my 2¢ worth of art direction. Keep crushing it Gary.

  21. Chris Reimer says:

    2011 Inc 500 presentation. Would not have missed it for the world!

  22. Gary Vaynerchuk says:

    Thnx bro :)

  23. Gary Vaynerchuk says:

    Yuppo! thank u!

  24. Gary Vaynerchuk says:


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