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http://bizbuzzmedia.net BiZ BuZZ MeDia is an online marketing company helping businesses with Expert Business Consulting in Social Media Marketing and Mobile…

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  1. VirtualAssistantInc says:

    If you want your business to grow, try campaigning through social media.
    You also need SEO and SMO services for that matter.

  2. rodswebdesign says:

    love the video really good

  3. bizbuzzmediavideo says:

    VirtualAssistantInc, I appreciate knowledgeable and informed feedback…?

  4. Arthur Tubman says:

    Social media is more effective for small to medium businesses than the
    traditional way of marketing your business in tv or radio. It’s a lot
    cheaper too.

  5. bribribri56 says:

    some sweet info here

  6. TheSpikeystuff says:

    interesting video and very informative

  7. sociablesandwich says:

    I really think that a mobile app is a great way to go for a small business.

  8. Faye Herl says:

    I really think that doing the research in advance for a small business is
    key. Essentially market research for the area-before actual implementation
    of a strategy.

  9. james peters says:

    very interesting thanks

  10. khijasmith says:

    really informative and interesting

  11. grisgrisy says:

    love the video really good

  12. bizbuzzmediavideo says:

    @sociablesandwich I feel the same way and think strategy and implementation
    are key to success. Do you have any tips you would like to share?

  13. Vagia Leme says:

    @laesdxw My bank account is exploding these days ($800-$1200 a day). If you
    can get into the right niche theres no stopping you. This course explains
    it all => bit.ly/Qiwdk8?=kytkge

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