Social Media Marketers: Is There Such A Thing As Competition?

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  1. Nuron666 says:

    I tried click bank and it doesn’t work. I tried to promote their products and no one bought that stuff.
    Not made a single penny. So i gave up.
    KatieFrieling can you help me out. I only need £700.00

  2. PhrAiLGuitarist says:

    1:20 “BUDDUM!”

  3. o1ea says:

    Who’s the Boss here xD?
    Lalaanimefan1’s Channel

  4. NetworkWaves says:

    ”Great video/channel you have there! Keep the good work coming. I’ve just launched a video sharing platform and it’s free to use. Check out my channel to know more. Please subscribe to have exclusive news.”

  5. HuntaDeska says:

    so hot. no competition.

  6. annalaurab says:

    very well said Katie, when you are you and you create your own brand there is no competition but when you spam or sell junk there is too much competition.

  7. rayj778 says:

    U = Very Sexy!

  8. 45678975011 says:

    more cleavage thanks

  9. internettopmentor says:

    I love connecting with like-minded people. Add me!

  10. TheJUNGLESURFER says:

    theres no competition to the junglesurfer im very unique love your ideas

  11. Nanotech233 says:

    I don’t know what the hell your are talking about and don’t care, but you are hot hot hot. lol

  12. VegasJoeZ says:

    Great video. 🙂 What do you know about the new poker app that’ll be released on Facebook within the next 2 weeks or so? I recently interviewed the CEO of PTN, and got some incredible inside information. Those who understand how to leverage social media marketing are going to clean up! 🙂 Joe

  13. JohnnyB719 says:

    There is competition if you are chasing after the same target market….There’s less if you find a niche and insulate yourself through partnerships, joint ventures etc…..

    I think maybe it would be more accurate to say you don’t have to compete, most people are competing though because they all flock to marketing to the same target markets.

  14. 1inthistogether says:

    Too right Katie :-))

  15. InternetCoach says:

    You are exactly right!

  16. OnlineWithAlyse says:

    You hit it on the head. As a newbiein the industry, I was feeling a little intimidated… by you! I want to have your value and success butI thought, well, she is already doingit so there is no room for me. BUT… we live in a world of ABUNDANCE and there is enough for everyone! Thank you for the reminder and for the open door to succeed in this industry!
    Alyse Williams

  17. tapintopotential says:

    You are speaking a wonderful truth! Amen!

  18. HansZech says:

    Well said, I totaly agree!


  19. s7r337sw33p3r says:

    The universe is infinitely abundant, One should let go of competition, you aren’t taking away opportunities from others just as they are not taking from you. “All roads lead to Rome” A way is paved for you so let go of the dog eat dog mentality. Thats what I think about competition

  20. Altonerynbf says:

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    Thomas Cole

  21. jkuhry says:

    Great Katie you hit it on the spot.

  22. racheljacksonsoc says:

    Great job!

  23. climbvx says:

    You said it girl!

  24. robertpolan says:

    There are two worlds of thought. The creative world sees no compatition. The world of compatition sees a world of want.

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