Social Media Jobs Growing

Fox News interviewed Kate Buck about the rapid growth in Social Media Manager jobs. Social Media not only lets you connect with people, it’s now providing really high paying jobs! Click here for more info: letsgetsocial.com

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  1. GHunter3016 says:

    Hahaha, “This social media thing”! what year was this made? Ridiculous!

  2. bbqsecrets says:

    Way to go Kate. I love seeing people use their brains and get creative.
    Live Life

  3. noreen54 says:

    Being overweight has nothing to do with here success. Never judge a persons health. She may well have a thyroid issue or some other issue. Who are we to judge? I admire her for her success, not because of her weight. If she were tiny and petite, I’m sure your opinion would be quite different and you’d be admiring her. Not so sure that you’re all that COOL !!

  4. OneCoolDude08 says:

    @gallushendo Why hate on me? Being that overweight is unhealthy, and she will die sooner. If being unhealthy and overweight is cool, then I guess I’m not cool. You sure told me, lol.

  5. SmallBusinessGeeks says:

    Awesome! Good on you Kate!

  6. bwells922 says:

    Outstanding. Great interview!!!!!

  7. maxmaxmax944 says:

    Well done Kate

  8. myutubeb says:

    Good job Kate. Great to see you.  Chat Soon!

  9. ChicagoRose84 says:


  10. SpringerMktAdv says:

    Great job … Nice promo piece … Great job of combining client samples and training examples …
    Will Springer

  11. kaizeninvestments says:

    Great Job Kate!

  12. CoachKaterina says:

    Kate- That is the best credibility builder you can get- being in the news. Congrats on the interview! You did a great job on your interview.

  13. gallushendo says:

    @OneCoolDude08 I guess that is why she has a great job, protecting social media from inane, purile, brainless comments. You are not cool, or a dude.

  14. katiemariepatton says:

    I like what you said at 2:33

  15. social2ms says:

    Well done Kate. You have been an inspiration to me and other social media managers. You are a great example of how far a social media manager can go with their business or career. I wish you all the best….God bless;)

  16. actingup2 says:

    You GO Kate =) Love your program!

  17. BBlisss says:

    Thank You for the Lets Get Social Program. It is an easy to learn, professionally designed program. Hoping to get started soon to make my big bucks. Cheers Jay!

  18. scullysmom says:

    Congratulations Kate! You deserve it for all your hard work and your generosity in teaching others how to do a great job as a social media manager! You totally rock!!

  19. jdrexford says:

    Awesome coverage Kate….Congrats and keep up the good work

  20. PippinPotter11 says:

    Yes,giving credit where credit is due to a seemingly pioneer of a new era of job marketing.You’re doing what a million people had to have said;”I should get paid to tweet!” as YOU’VE gone & actually done! Kudos for you Kate for not being me,STILL sitting here tweeting for free as I asvertise by being a loyal friend & follower,giving Corps.,The @NBA or @MLB etc…FREE advertising all day long,everyday!Why not be paid for doing the same?Again,great interview…. @PippinPotter11

  21. PippinPotter11 says:

    Hello Kate.My name is Carol. I don’t know how many times I’ve said;”I should get paid to tweet.” I have only time on my hands and basically advertising for corporations,a recently released book or movie,or premiers for TV shows,etc.,on twitter for free as you used to do,but now smart enough to have figured out how to be paid!Good for you though, & you had a great interview on FOX btw.I know you’re so excited!You’re a smart cookie & thanks for the email & for sharing. -Carol

  22. dezfutak says:

    Great report – Kat’s course on social media management is a superb training program for anyone wanting to get into social media managment – go to letsgetsocial dot co m for more information (& no, I haven’t been paid to promote this, no one has asked me – I’m just giving credit where credit is due!)

  23. kateknittel says:

    You Go Girl ! I took your course and it’s great.
    And Now you are on Fox news also? Congrat’s you deserve it.

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