Social Media is changing the way we communicate globally

This is a fantastic video with staggering statistics. As social media continues to permeate into the fabric of our societies, it will radically change how the world interacts with each other. Enjoy.

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  1. brianatimpson12 says:

    da fu did i just read…

  2. Gabyteamo88 says:

    using this for a final project. !

  3. 123Youlou says:

    Very helpful.. thanks a lot

  4. Mattman4698 says:

    From the 50,000 other videos like this one.

  5. theangelicious says:

    amazing video! thanks for posting this!

  6. victoriaarankins says:

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  8. efudim says:

    where did these statistics come from?

  9. superstarhaydo says:

    We were shown this video in my IT class in college…..BLEW MY MIND!!! 😀

  10. falconFIL says:

    Interesting… can you explain in other words what means socialnomics?


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