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deminghill.com Social Media, could it be the biggest game changer for your business or company you have ever seen? Sources www.deminghill.com
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  1. miliponce says:

    Great video

  2. soniluvsfangs says:

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  3. Aeyioo says:

    @mpkodea I’m making over $700 a day and climbing. Get into a killer niche that wants to buy and your set. If you wanna know more the Cash Lab has a sweet ebook and its free, It won’t be free for long so I’d sign up now -> bit.ly/L1bucP?=mfbowc

  4. markbwest12 says:

    in reality most social media & business marketing research & analysis professionals believe that these actually underestimate the tru #’s

  5. markbwest12 says:

    1 of my primary jobs through my ScoutingManiac Site is 2 give more information about social media best practices. In addition i offer usually free IT services especially in regards 2 social media support & consulting. So im partially in the social media business world except 4 the fact that i dont make a profit

  6. markbwest12 says:

    soooooo heres my question 2 u………….. Do u spend a serious amount of time on a social network? quite frankly when I use google i dont go 2 company websites until i’ve seen some reviews that give overall & product specific types 2 see what the user thinks. the company will say whatever it wants 2 say & most definitely scans their comments 2 remove negative comments soooo…….the only way 2 get 2 see negative comments is through user created content

  7. davidwaller43 says:

    Storeboard is a great new social media site that combines 4 popular sites in one! It combines Social, Classifieds, Directory, and Marketplace all in one! It’s free and very effective for businesses to promote themselves.

  8. agendot says:

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  9. FaceDominator says:

    In Facdominator software will navigation to different pages, managing different pages, tagging photos, creation of a collage and all the other applications will still remain as simple and as user friendly as before. check my channel now!!!!

  10. rosy22140 says:

    Hello, you attract to? upload the video. This video is very interesting. I like this video.It certainly very useful for me investing.Thanks for your valuable information.

  11. bubblesnmocha says:

    spoilt by the noisy, distracting, silly, totally unnecessary background music !!!

  12. DJPashn says:

    bclicky.com is also good for business to business networking.

  13. nolan067 says:

    terrible music

  14. proipv says:

    eeemail.net free web service allows to send invitations to connect in LinkedIn facebook etc to all email addresses from mailbox

  15. MrFacesoftware says:

    Did u try facesoftware[.]com ?

  16. theheiserteam says:

    Very good Video.

  17. pde2010 says:

    All this social media crap sucks!!! there is a real world out there you know, getting out there & meeting people – “real” people, you won’t see life sitting in a social media bubble (which WILL burst anytime now) where the computer saps your energy away!! Get a life before its too late!!!!!!!!

  18. rjack73 says:

    There’s no doubt that social media has revolutionize small and large business advertising.

  19. gariouscom says:

    Nowadays, social media is essesntial for a successful business’ marketing campaign

  20. gandhi2802 says:


  21. ThaHotCoolDude says:

    This video clip is a classic ;-}

  22. tmadel says:

    Wow – if you folks are sold by this I need to start my own agency. All this video has done is to pull together some very questionable stats in a compelling manner to convince folks that social media is a must have for B2B companies.

    First of remember who is producing the video – these folks want to sell you a service.

    Secondly, most of their references are applicable to B2C marketing and they toss in a B2B ‘fact’ every now and then to try to tie the two together.

    I could say more…

  23. inkincpr says:

    Very true Social media marketing has created a revolution world wide. You can consult Ink Inc PR for all your social media marketing and PR needs.

  24. useelaomega says:

    Be ready Asian women online #lushfmlk.info#

  25. billowendesign says:

    I agree on the stats being a “bit” questionable a per comment below, the promo is good though although breaks in quarters with something unexpected would help, it’s a bit long, who ask me anyway?… ha

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