Social Media and Branding Speaker Bruce Philp

Bruce Philp’s Bio and Speech Topics: www.thelavinagency.com Right now, corporations are OBSESSED with social media, says Bruce Philp. But what these companies are measuring—and what they’ll soon find out—is how much social media affects the bottom line, how much it matters. Philp, who has consulted with some of the biggest brands in the world, including ING Direct, tells us that the attentive level of care companies now provide via social media may not last. It all depends on whether they see any value between their social media efforts and increased sales. Which means that we’ve already entered a crucial stage in the (relatively young) history of social media. This video was taped at The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau. For speaking engagements, Bruce Philp is exclusively represented by The Lavin Agency. The Lavin Agency | Speakers Bureau Making the World a Smarter Place. www.TheLavinAgency.com info@TheLavinAgency.com Twitter www.twitter.com

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