Social Bookmarking – A Fast Way to Get Your Blog Indexed and Generate Traffic. My Top 3 Choices Reveiled

Social Bookmarking – A Fast Way to Get Your Blog Indexed and Generate Traffic. My Top 3 Choices Reveiled

Article by Arvin Jay Basilio

Social bookmarking is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic to your blog and syndicate your contents. It is a very good tool for off-page search engine optimization and link building.

I had personally sponsored my first referral using this strategy. When I blasted an article that I made, my first referral found it within a few hours and sponsored him in my business the next day(while I was asleep). That shows the power of social bookmarking sites and how it will greatly help you with your online business.

You can either use automated programs to submit your blogs to numerous social bookmarking sites or choose to submit it manually. I use a combination of both methods to maximize my traffic generation. I use manual submission a lot so I can manually configure the tags and description for better SEO.

Here are the top social bookmarking sites that I use personally on my blog:

1. Digg – This is my personal favorite. There are 2 ways in which Digg can send tons of visitors to your site. First is when you provide useful and interesting content, most readers will definitely take some time to view your profile. Because you’ve already provided them with some valuable content, they’re sure to click through to your blog link located in your user profile to check out what else you’re offering. Some SEO benefits you get from Digg: Page rank = 8, Alexa Traffic Rank = 98, Rel = No Follow

2. Mixx – This is the second best social bookmarking site in my own opinion. It is a friendly community of people who share and mixx their own taste of the web. You can submit text, audio and video blogs and you can submit photos too. SEO benefits: Page rank = 8, Alexa traffic rank = 634, Rel = No follow

3. Yahoo Buzz – Want to get your blog indexed in 1-5 hours? Go ahead and submit your new blog post into Yahoo Buzz. Rest assured your blog post will be indexed by Google within the day. This is the same reason why Yahoo Buzz is my third choice. SEO benefits include: Page rank = 8, Alexa traffic rank = 3, Rel = not sure if Do follow or No Follow.

Alternatively, you can use an automated social bookmarking site like Social Marker to submit your blog posts. It can help you spread your blog post to over 50 of the best social bookmarking sites in under 15 minutes in just one click. And best of all, it’s FREE!

Benefits of Using Social Bookmarking:

1. Generates Traffic – If you provide real valuable information on your blog and discuss topics that get people’s attention, expect to receive massive amounts of traffic.

2. Increases Google PR Ranking – Getting your blog to rank high in Google search is easier if you have a high PR(page rank). You can check your site’s PR by going to http://prchecker.info.

3. Boosts Alexa Rank – Alexa.com is a site that ranks websites based on the number of traffic it receives. Getting a huge number of traffic raises your Alexa rank over time.

If you are just starting your site or your blog, this is one of the best ways to get your it noticed.

About the Author

Arvin Jay Basilio is a part time financial consultant and online marketing success coach. His goal is to empower people to take financial control of their own lives and achieve the success they desire. He also runs an online business following the laws of attraction marketing, and spends much of his time coaching others to achieve similar success. Get more of his SEO tips.

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