Social application, social network marketing in Ecommerce

Social application, social network marketing in Ecommerce

Article by lightzhao

Social application, social network marketing in Ecommerce

The definition of social application is still not clear, but many netizens are familiar with Facebook, http://www.renren.com and http://www.kaixin.com, these popular SNS(Social Networking Service)websites are good models for social application.

Social network has special features like “rolling snowball”, so publicizing marketing information through social network will reach the most far-ranging communication effect. Meanwhile, one comment from one member of the social network will obtain the greatest influence.

For example, in 2005, Jeff Jarvis bought a Dell laptop. He had some problems with the computer and dialed the hotline for assistance. At the end he was angry with the after-sale service from Dell. He posted a vlog in his twitter and the article with the title “Dell to hell” was widely spread in the world.

Dell was heavily impacted by the twitter for the first time as the quarterly profit slipped 28%. After that, Dell established an Enterprise Blog and Community Forums to communicate with the customers closely. Dell made wonderful achievements after it took initiatives in social marketing.

Social marketing will be the next highlight in network marketing thanks to low cost of releasing information and high click rate as it could achieve better propaganda effect than traditional advertisement.

Compared with traditional post advertisement or advertisement emails, social media advertisement is not strictly controlled on the internet as both good comments and bad comments are allowed to post on the internet. Social media will not tarnish the brand image if the quality or service is good.

Through high involvement from the general public, microblog and community forum realized social marketing and overwhelmingly beat against traditional advertisement.

As Web2.0 concept emerged and developed, marketing model led by advertisement was gradually replaced by social marketing.

Blogs, forums and wiki and other social media put the core on UGC (user generated content) and promoted the individualization concept. In this way, it could collect and release information actively, which was totally different from the model to receive information passively in the past.

Users posted their comments on microblog, Twitter or other social media and those comments could be forwarded to other personal blogs or users’ group websites. The information was spread at a fast speed to reach the most effective marketing or anti-marketing effect.

For the application of social network in Ecommerce business, all the product information can be shared in different community forums and those netizens’s good comments will help to create a good brand image.

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